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CWT has added features to its MyCWT platform designed to facilitate team travel facilitation, flight disruption management and bookings for tour operators, the travel management company announced.

The platform update includes a new trip sharing feature, whereby travelers can share their itineraries, including flight and hotel details, with colleagues via the MyCWT web portal and mobile app. If travelers make changes to an itinerary after sharing, that information is also updated for companions. Later this year, CWT will add a feature where colleagues can click a button to duplicate a traveler’s itinerary for themselves, so they can have the same flight or hotel if traveling together.

“With remote and hybrid work becoming the norm, we expect people to travel more for small meetings to get some face time with their teams, increasing the importance of easy ways to coordinate itineraries and make changes quickly,” he said. CWT’s Head of Product. Officer Erica Antony said in a statement.

Travel organizers can now search and book flights for colleagues through MyCWT, according to CWT. Organizers can select a traveler in the system and book a flight for them, with the traveler’s policy and loyalty program information pulled from their profile to inform the booking. Organizers already had such capabilities for hotel reservations through the platform, and CWT is adding them for train and car rental reservations in the “near future,” according to CWT.

In addition, CWT has upgraded web and mobile channels to facilitate flight booking amendments, the TMC said. The improvements allow travelers to quickly see rules about changes and cancellations and alternative flight options, including costs.

The MyCWT platform was a major focus of CWT’s $100 million investment stemming from its recapitalization last year.


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