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Oppo is one of the leading smartphone brands in the Indian market. They have invested heavily in manufacturing smartphones in India. We recently caught up with Damyant Singh Khanoria, Marketing Manager, Oppo India. Here are teh excerpts from the conversation.

Oppo 5G Strategy

TMI: 5G networks have started rolling out in India, what kind of tests is Oppo doing to make sure that its smartphones provide an unmatched performance to the users?

Damyant: Oppo has been a pioneer of 5G technology in India and has been working continuously with the Government of India, various research institutes and telecom operators to help implement and spread 5G in India. OPPO has defined new trends and technologies by setting up the industry-first 5G test field across multiple cities at different frequencies and conditions to provide its users with a 5G experience the most. We have also established our 5G innovation lab in India to support the country in path-breaking 5G innovations and applications.

Oppo Reno7 Lite 5G

We are a leader in DSS, VONR, SA network slicing, and other technologies and are a leader in 5G standard related patents. Now, all of our 5G devices support 5G on a non-isolated network and users can enjoy connected video calls, lag-free gaming on the cloud, and blazing-fast data uploads and downloads on all OPPO 5G smartphones across all categories.

The team at Oppo India R&D is also working to facilitate early 5G standalone support. We have started the intensive R&D process for the SA update of our mobile phones in September 2022, and the team is working tirelessly to make all our 5G devices 100% compatible at the earliest. .

OPPO has applied for more than 4,900 families of international patent applications, issued more than 2200 families of 5G standard patents to ETSI, and submitted more than 8,000 5G standard related requests to 3GPP.

Oppo Killer Price Tag

TMI: Oppo is one of the few phone companies in India that produces not only end-to-end phones for their brand, but also other brands like Realme and OnePlus as well . Why don’t we see a price killer associated with OPPO phones?

Damyant: Oppo is a company that constantly innovates in its products. To this end, we use R & D activities that are designed to improve the experience when you use Oppo products. Take, for example, our battery technology like SuperVOOC, which has ensured a safe increase in speed in smartphones and BHE (Battery Health Engine) which has doubled the cost of electricity Electricity from the business model of 800 to 1600 cycles.

Top Smartphone launches in September 2022

These not only increase the life of the equipment but also the way for new technologies. In the same way, Oppo has been at the forefront of camera innovation, although it is the RGBW camera sensor that captures a lot of light, MariSiliconX that makes clear video and brighter in low light, and even algorithms that make the image better. All these technologies are gradually entering our devices.

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Oppo’s Rendezvous with Fast Charging

In addition to creating new products, we focus on building relationships with! our customers through a seamless after-sales service. After establishing a wide network of 560+ centers in 500+ cities, we have started to take the convenience of customer service to the next level. Remittance correction is working across 13,000 code numbers in India. Oppo offers the best TAT (Turn Around Time) for product returns in one week.

We’ve launched a fix-and-drop service to take customer convenience to the next level

Oppo, as a brand, believes in delivering value, and we do it in a way that goes beyond the hardware specs but is all about the user experience.

Oppo and its offline strategy

TMI: Oppo has strengthened its offline presence to a significant extent in the past few years. Does it affect the price of your smartphones?

Damyant: I believe we answered the question of value in the previous question. As a customer-centric brand, we at OPPO India focus on providing our customers with the best smartphone experience from purchase to after-sales. We follow an omnichannel retail strategy to make the technology accessible even to customers from the deepest parts of India.

In the past eight years, we have built a strong chain of 65,000+ stores across the country. In addition, we are expanding our online presence with the OPPO e-store, sending WhatsApp and through collaboration with e-commerce partners such as Flipkart and Amazon. Using these relationships, we drove creative campaigns like the first smartphone live-streaming sale with Flipkart for the Reno series.

we have built a strong chain of 65,000+ stores across the country

OPPO is committed to bringing technology to consumers wherever they may be in India.

Oppo factory in India

TMI: What do you do at the OPPO factory in India, and how many Indian employees do you have?

Damyant: Oppo India has a manufacturing facility in India based in Greater Noida which is supported by a good investment of INR 2400 crore. Our parts are divided into four parts: Assembly, SMT (Surface Mount Technology), Storage, and Product Supply. We have followed the government’s vision of Make in India, and we can produce a smartphone every three seconds.

Oppo mobile processor

For example, the super machines of the SMT section, can handle 37,000 micro-products per hour. The factory is spread over a 110-acre area, and we have a strong workforce of 10,000 workers in the factory. All employees of the plant receive rigorous training that includes skills and problem-solving skills, effective design, quality work, and quality management.

We have followed the government’s vision of Make in India, and we can manufacture a smartphone every three seconds

With a focus on making technology more efficient, Oppo is constantly working to build a stable ecosystem of our manufacturing and R&D capabilities.

Oppo Phone Batteries – Where Are They?

TMI: Do you manufacture phone batteries in India? Why do they have both Made in India and China labeling?

Damyant: Oppo India manufactures batteries for its smartphones in the country, and the cell phones for the same are now being exported. In compliance with the requirements regarding BIS certification, OPPO refers to the country of manufacture for the cells.

Oppo licenses its VOOC Fast Charging technology to car and chipmakers

The Printed Circuit Board (PCB) and Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC) for the battery have been added to the cells in India. All tests must be done locally. Following India’s regulations, it is necessary to reflect the manufacturing facilities based in India on the finished batteries as well. The battery registration number can be checked at the BIS site for all OPPO devices.

As a made in India partner, all our smartphones currently sold in India are made in India.

Manufacturing in India

TMI: OPPO has invested heavily in manufacturing in India. Can we see India becoming an end-to-end mobile manufacturing hub in the next five years?

Damyant: Oppo India has invested heavily in developing the country’s manufacturing capabilities, and we will continue to support local manufacturing.

We recently launched Vihan to promote the government’s vision of ‘Aatmanirbhar Bharat.’

Accordingly, we will invest USD 60 million over the next five years to support SMEs and MSMEs to expand their operations and, in turn, strengthen the local supply chain for a strong smartphone ecosystem in India. answered.

Oppo India has partnered with the government and industry in supporting around 30 tier-1 suppliers to set up operations in India. The initiative has created jobs for tens of thousands of local Indians to support the development of the energy industry and improve India’s growth in global value chains.

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Oppo Foldable India Launch

TMI: Are you planning to launch Foldables in India anytime soon?

Damyant: Every Oppo smartphone product launch plan determines the company’s current business strategy, and our Fold product is no exception. Oppo will continue to create products and services with user experience at its core, so please stay tuned for more new products and technology from Oppo.


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