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Airlines have been under fire for most of 2022 as they struggle to meet demand in the face of a shortage of pilots and other equipment, as well as grounded routes, reduced capacity on existing routes and potential looming strikes.

This is all to say that the industry has inspired very little confidence in the traveling public ahead of the busy holiday season.


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Appearing on the TODAY Show in New York City this week, Delta CEO Ed Bastian insisted travelers flying the Atlanta-based airline have nothing to worry about this winter.

“We’re ready. We’ve hired 25,000 people since the beginning of last year and there was a lot of training and experience to be gained, but we’re ready to go and we’re expecting over 5 million people by Thanksgiving week,” he said.

“We are absolutely ready at Delta.”

When asked about the potential for a crippling pilot strike before the Christmas holidays, Bastian said there is “no way they could go on strike for Thanksgiving, Christmas or anytime.”

“We are in mediation with the National Mediation Board and there are many phases and stages to go. We are actually a lot closer than people want to think in terms of trying to get this agreement,” TODAY said.

Bastian’s interview comes after the airline expanded service to South America from its Atlanta hub.


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