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Atlanta-based Delta Air Lines (DL) has braced for a surge in demand for the holiday weekend. The airline recognizes that things may not be perfect and travelers should prepare to be patient at the airport. The airline expects to carry more than five million passengers over the Thanksgiving weekend.

Delta prepares for Thanksgiving demand

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NBC asked the CEO about how the airline plans to handle the increase and what remedies it has. Ed Bastian replied:

“Delta is known for its high quality of service and the best people in the industry, and we’re ready. In fact, we’ve been back since practically the second week of July with a high quality of reliability and service excellence that our customers expect. And that’s going continue.”

Delta expects to handle increased demand during the holiday season with the 25,000 new employees it has brought on since early 2021.

Delta Air Lines Hartsfield Atlanta

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Reduced flight prices and seats

The airline realizes that flight prices are much higher than they were before the pandemic, and points to a 50% increase in the cost of fuel as a major contributing factor. In addition to the airline’s challenges, Delta is currently operating at only 85% of its usual capacity. Delta hopes to return to 100% for a busy summer in 2023. The airline is looking forward to 10% more flights to Europe than in 2019.

Customers theorized that the airline was downsizing its seats and limiting legroom. CEO Ed Bastian responded to the claim:

“We haven’t changed the size of the seat or the pitch for many years. In fact, Delta has increased its offering of more spacious seat options with the continued expansion of its Delta Comfort+, Delta Premium Select and Delta One products.”

Delta is ready for a Thanksgiving travel period

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New partners and growth in 2023

Recent announcements by the airline have included expanding services to South America and reintroducing the airline’s Atlanta service to Tel Aviv. Delta also plans to partner with Australian airline REX for domestic connections below, to retain a slice of the Australian pie after Virgin Australia joined forces with United Airlines.

Is there a strike coming up?

The Airline Pilots Association (ALPA), the union representing Delta pilots held a strike vote. This resulted in the decision to postpone any strike during the holiday period. The strike would have included up to 15,000 pilots on Delta’s books if it had gone ahead. However, Bastián claims that the idea of ​​a strike vote by ALPA is simply a negotiating tactic used to intimidate the airline.

“There’s no way they can strike on Thanksgiving, Christmas or any time. It’s a tactic that every union, in fact I should say every airline union, the pilot unions, has deployed. But the reality it’s that we have the best. pilots, they’re already the best paid, we’re going to make sure they stay the best paid, so there won’t be any problem.”

However, ALPA announced and denied with clear intentions to attack, posting this video:

Simple Flying will be keeping an eye on the union situation.

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