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The end of “election season” is just around the corner, with Saturday being the last day to vote in the early mid-term elections for many councils.

Gov. Ron DeSantis held a rally in Seminole County in his latest push before Election Day. He spoke to his crowd of supporters about how safe Florida has been under his watch.

“One of the biggest divisions we see is law and order. Florida is a law and order state and I’m a law and order governor. You don’t have to worry about that. You’ve never seen me march against law enforcement. . were doing and some of these politicians were doing. You’ve never seen us try to take funds away from the police,” Gov. DeSantis said.

His opponent, Charlie Crist, was on the road Saturday holding events in Daytona Beach, Orlando, Tampa and Miami. He took advantage of the governor’s handling of public safety.

“Unfortunately, crime has gone up under DeSantis. It was down when he was your governor before, and I think what we have to do to stem the tide of crime and gun violence is ban assault weapons, have background checks that actually check the background and have red flag laws which fortunately we already do in Florida,” Crist said during an event in Ybor City.

Voters casting votes.

Governor DeSantis took some time to talk about how he handled the COVID-19 pandemic and how well Florida has recovered economically from it.

“If you look at our economic indicators, better across the board, growth, employment, everything, you name it. We have more people employed now than before COVID, many of the lockdown states haven’t even recovered,” he said. the governor

It is the last call to voters before election day.

“If you want to have a Florida that’s more affordable with your utility rates, with home insurance that I lowered as governor by 10 percent, and you want to make sure that women have the right to choose and have that kind of respect and dignity by the governor’s office,” Crist said.


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