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From this year, Delhi University started using CUET (Common University Entrance Test) scores to admit students to various programs. The admission of CUET and the new admission process at Delhi University may have lifted the sky-high cut-off, but the competition for seats is still fierce.

This year, DU dropped its usual ‘best-of-four’ criteria for grade 12. In 2021, the last year of cut-off admissions, ten college programs set a 100 percent cutoff. However, the CUET result data, on the basis of which candidates were admitted to some of the most sought-after seats in DU, found that the competition is still fierce, a leading daily reported.

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As many as 20 unreserved seats in Hindu College’s political science honors program — which had a 100% cut-off last year — were bagged by 24 candidates. The minimum CUET score to admit a candidate to these seats is 797.82/800. In percentage terms, this would be 99.73.

The BA (Hons) Psychology course at Lady Shri Ram College has 25 unreserved seats and is one of the 12 DU universities offering this programme. The minimum CUET score against which 1 of these seats was allotted is 795.086/800 or about 99.38 percentile.

Since colleges do not choose scores as a criterion for admission, the current system differs from the marginal one. The university has created centralized merit lists for each program group based on CUET scores and candidates have indicated their preferences. Based on their position in the merit list, the candidates were given the maximum possible advantage.

Enrollment in science majors is still ongoing, even at the most recognized faculties, as there are still a few vacancies left after the second round. As a result of lower CUET scores in science subjects, the grades by which students are accepted into these subjects are also significantly lower.

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