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If a candidate is offered more than one seat in a given round, he must “accept” only one of the allotted seats.

According to the DU admission rules, the candidate must accept the seat allotted to him to participate in the subsequent rounds.

Inactivity/inaction will be treated as non-acceptance of allotted seat. This will be treated as rejection of the provisionally allotted seat and the candidate will not be eligible to participate in subsequent rounds of admission.

Before the announcement of the round, the university will open an “Upgrade” window for all admitted candidates. Accepted candidates can select the ‘Upgrade’ option which will allow upgrading to a higher preference submitted by the candidate.

The currently accepted seat will automatically be canceled if new preferences are allotted to the candidate. In addition, a candidate who opts for ‘Upgrade’ can also re-allocate program + faculty combinations that had a higher priority than the one assigned.

However, the upgrade option will not be available for candidates who have been allotted first preferences.

The promoted candidate will have to ‘accept’ the upgraded seat and complete the admission procedures in the upgraded allotted seat/s. If the candidate does not perform any activity in the upgraded seat/s, it will be considered canceled by default and the candidate will be eliminated from the admission process.


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