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DU Admissions 2022 release of vacancies on duacin check schedule today

DU Admissions 2022 round robin seats released today on du.ac.in, check schedule

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University of Delhi, DU Admission 2022 for on-the-spot seat allotment will start today 20th November. Today, DU will announce the vacancies available for regular admission on the official website– admission.uod.ac.in. Candidates will be able to apply for DU spot round 2022 admission program from tomorrow, November 21. Check DU admission schedule and other procedures here.

Full DU Spot ticket 2022 schedule

DU Spot Round Ticket Schedule 2022
Displaying a list of available seats November 20 (5:00 p.m.)
Candidates applying for Intermediate Round Allotment November 21 to 22
Seat Allocation List on site November 23 (5:00 p.m.)
Candidates to “accept” the position offered November 24 to 25
Faculties to check and approve the application From November 24 to 26
Deadline for registration fee payment November 27 (16:59)

According to the official update shared by du, the first round of admission will be announced for today at 5 PM, so the admission of all the already admitted candidates will be locked and they will not be considered for upgrades (except for excess upgrades). Similarly, admitted candidates will not be allowed to cancel their admission at the time of announcement of the first round of admission process.

To proceed with On-Site Enrollment, candidates will have to login to their respective DU portals and apply through “On-Site Entry” option.

According to the schedule of on-site admission round, DU would announce the first allotment of seats on 23 November 2022 and candidates who will be allotted seats should proceed with the admission process.

According to the DU admission process, candidates who are allotted seats have to accept the offered seats and then their applications are verified and approved by the respective colleges. After the completion of the first round, DU may publish the following admission lists on the spot if required.


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