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The off-roading culture in the country is slowing down and we have several SUV owners groups that organize off-road trips. A group of experienced drivers take SUVs to unexplored off-road destinations. They usually travel with recovery supplies as a precaution. Driving an SUV off-road is an art and not everyone can do it easily. Similarly, it takes time to learn as a driver has to keep several things in mind while driving on challenging terrains. One such challenging surface is sand or sand dunes. We have several videos of SUVs hitting the dunes in Rajasthan. Here we have a video that shows why speed is important when driving on sand dunes.

This video has been uploaded by Anshuman Bishnoi on his YouTube channel. In this video, the blogger and his group of friends were exploring sand dunes in Rajasthan. They have gone too far from the main road to reach the crime scene. This group includes SUVs like new generation Mahindra Thar, old generation Thar, Toyota Fortuner previous generation, Mitsubishi Pajero Sport, Ford Endeavour. Many SUVs have been converted for off-road purpose and are functioning without any problems. Most of the drivers in the group seem experienced and have no problem driving through the sand dunes.

The new Mahindra Thar which is actually driven by the vlogger himself navigates the sand dunes with ease. Toyota Fortuner and Mitsubishi Pajero Sport got stuck in the sand at one point. The reason they got stuck in the sand is because they weren’t moving fast enough. When driving on a loose surface like sand, it is always a good idea to maintain speed as the chances of cars losing traction are quite high. While the Toyota Fortuner was pulled out using an electric winch, the Pajero Sport recovered itself by removing sand from the front and rear wheels. One of the older generation Mahindra Thar SUVs in the group broke down. The inside of the axle stuck on this SUV.

Toyota Fortuner Saves Mahindra Thar Shows Why Speed ​​Matters When Driving on Sand [Video]

The SUV was stuck in the middle of a sand dune and the road was about 3-4 km away. They had to use a rope to pull the SUV out of the sand dunes. The front axle on the thur was disconnected and then pulled out with a winch. Once it was out of the sand, a Toyota Fortuner started towing the SUV. The plan was to get the SUV onto the tarmac where it could go to a nearby workshop to get things fixed. As mentioned above, speed is key here. The tracks initially had sharp turns making recovery a difficult task. Once the track opened, the Fortuner was pulling the Thar without any difficulty. The Fortuner’s owner was making sure he had built up speed before climbing the hill to avoid getting stuck. The Toyota Fortuner managed to get out of the sand dunes.

There were a couple of SUVs in front marking the right path for the Fortuner, so that it could exit without any issues. It should be noted that the group was prepared for such situations and had adequate recovery equipment. This is why it is recommended to go out for such activities in a group. Had the Mahindra Thar driver been alone, he would have had a lot of trouble as he was nowhere near the tarmac.


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