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EastEnders spoilers follow.

Ravi stunned his family EastEnders with the revelation of Suki’s arrest.

Last week, Ravi and his partner Nina hunted down Suki to frame her for Ranveer’s murder.

In Tuesday’s (November 8) episode, Suki was once again questioned by the police regarding Ranveer’s death, while Kheerat wondered why Ravi had suddenly disappeared from the Square.

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Nish was determined to find the incriminating USB drive that contained the evidence against Suki, only to be inadvertently distracted by Ash’s breakdown over her mother’s arrest.

The partial truth finally came out when Kheerat suspected that Nish was involved in Ravi’s conspiracy, but he still didn’t know the truth that Ravi was actually the one who killed Ranveer.

Ravi admitted that he was involved with Nina all along and Nina was the one who framed Suki to deflect suspicion regarding her husband’s death.

In a shocking moment, Ravi confesses to Kheera and Nishu that he always planned to kill Ranveer with Nina, but the attack on Suki forced their hand.

Ravi then turned on Nish, claiming that having to pretend that Ranveer was his father caused him a trauma that still haunts him today.

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When Kheerat attacked Ravi, his brother admitted that Nina has all the cards to lock up Suki because she has a USB with the alleged video of Ranveer’s death.

Ravi might have looked like he was thinking about his plot, but he also didn’t reveal the truth that he was actually the one who killed Ranveer.

“If we don’t stop [Nina]she will make sure me and your mom go to jail,” Ravi argued.

Nish and Kheerat were left stunned by Ravi’s threats as the episode came to an end.

EastEnders airs Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One. The show is also broadcast on BBC iPlayer.

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