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Emma Chamberlain’s YouTube channel has evolved through several eras, but the one she’s on right now is definitely the best. Now it’s essentially a travel channel, documenting his adventures around the world in different cities where he can walk with his father behind the camera. Dedicate a video to a city and create a mini movie with shots and ambient music to invite you on the journey. Millions of viewers love watching her explore exciting places like Venice, Italy or New York because, wherever she is, she always keeps it real. It’s fun to watch her marvel at the world around her and talk about how she plans to move around a new place. You probably aren’t even aware of all the little travel tips she drops along the way, but her simple approach to travel is one to take note of. If you’re looking forward to some dream travel plans for the New Year, follow these 2023 travel tips from Emma Chamberlain.

Chamberlain’s travel vlogs feel like embarking on an adventure with a BFF, because she’ll stop at a coffee shop to crack jokes over coffee, or she’ll save an item from a store and giddily explain why she’s taking it home with her. She also shares the in-between moments of her travels, like stopping at a supermarket to discover that tampons in Amsterdam are very different from those at home. Emma follows a low-maintenance travel strategy that’s really about embracing everything to the fullest while staying comfortable in her own interests and routines. If you want to take in a new cobbled city Emma Chamberlain-style, check out these vlogs for your travels in 2023.

1. Ask the locals where to go

In a New York vlog, Emma filmed a “man on the street” segment where she asked random neighbors for recommendations, which she said was inspired by what her father did when they traveled during their childhood. With a microphone, he stopped people on the street to ask them where they like to hang out, shop and have coffee, followed by a cut following his advice. Despite how intimidating it can be to strike up a conversation with a stranger, she realizes how valuable it is, saying, “I’ve ended up in some magical places. I’ve also ended up in some horrible places, but funny, those were the places that people told me not to go to.” was”. In the video, the answers given by New Yorkers were particularly revealing because they explained why a spot was so special to them, revealing stories and characteristics of the city. You can also trust their recommendations, because they take pride in where they live and have a real opinion on the overrated and underrated things to do.

2. Choose a food or drink to try everywhere

If you watch all of Emma’s travel vlogs, you’ll notice that wherever she goes, she always tries coffee. Even though she’s a professional coffee lover (she has her own brand, after all), this is a great way to compare foods and flavors in different places. In each of his vlogs, he asks for a special coffee to try, accompanied by a snack par excellence in that city. So, in Venice he caffeinated with Italian cookies, in Amsterdam he grabbed bread and cheese from a cheese shop, in France he had a croissant and in New York he dipped into a chocolate chip cookie.

3. Stock your hotel room with snacks

Emma stocks her hotel fridge with plenty of food from the city’s supermarkets or farmers’ markets. She goes on the hunt for her next foodie obsession with local delicacies, which is a great way to expose herself to the culinary culture of a new place, as well as support the local economy. While you’re out and about, be sure to pop into a market and try something new, whether it’s a high-quality ingredient that’s only available where you’re staying or a curious snack that you can’t get back home. It adds to the overall adventure, is a handy way to keep food on hand to reduce the costs of dining out, and can create a “home base” feel in your hotel room.

4. Shop the kiosks on the street

Sometimes it’s okay to be a little touristy. When it comes to street kiosks, Emma has no shame. She loves looking through all the cheesy gifts and souvenirs to find inexpensive jewelry that carries memories or aesthetics of the place she’s at. Instead of buying random souvenirs, take your time to intentionally choose a new piece that you know you can incorporate on a daily basis. life back home. Whether it’s cool sunglasses you found in Venice or vintage-themed trays in Cannes, you’re always on the lookout for a nice deal. “I don’t think I spent more than $30 and I have all these beautiful things,” she said in her vlog from Copenhagen. She is attentive to “small things of home decoration” to put in her house, because when she returns to the sad reality and the article causes travel memories, she said: “I can no longer be crazy.”

5. Stop to people watch

Often, when we explore an exciting place, we tend to quickly move on to the next activity. In Emma’s pictures, she often sits in a dark place and watches local passers-by. Especially in the more residential cities, you can learn a lot about the local culture, economy and energy in general just by stopping to people-watch and watch all the action unfold. For example, in his vlog from the South of France, his camera witnesses a slight fender bender involving a car and a bicycle, where both parties barely reacted to the accident. It revealed a lot to him about the place he was in, as he compared it to how a fight might play out if the incident happened in the United States. Shocked, Emma told the camera: ‘People here are so cold that guy just got hit by that car on his bike and he just *shrug*“.

6. Send things home to lighten up your luggage

If you’re going to be away from home for weeks but run out of luggage space, one option that Emma explores in her Amsterdam vlog is to ship extra weight home. Since she only travels with a carry-on, it’s a challenge for her to limit her vintage purchases, especially when she’s really inspired by a city. On this trip, Emma decided that the stress of luggage was preventing her from fully experiencing her travels in the way she enjoys, so she made room by shipping half of her stuff overseas. This can be expensive, depending on where you are, so it’s up to you if it’s worth it. In Copenhagen, however, Emma found a moment of discipline after finding herself obsessed with the colorful glass decoration that she was sure to break on her return flight. She decided to use them as inspiration for decorating tricks at home, instead of taking up unnecessary space in her suitcase.

7. Embrace it all

One of the main takeaways from Chamberlain’s travel vlogs is his overall attitude towards what he’s experiencing. Sure, she comes out in quirky bits where she complains about something small or feels embarrassed about something she’s done, but regardless, she makes sure to fully embrace where she is. Walk with the intention of leaving no stone unturned, even if it’s a tourist activity like climbing to the top of the Eiffel Tower. In Amsterdam, he went into a weird sock shop just because he said, “I have to go in, I don’t know why,” and in another scene he said, “I have to do the photo booth.” Traveling is all about playing in a new place without judgment, and you never know what new discoveries will bring joy.


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