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Published: Date of publication – 20:30, Sat – 5 November 22

Engineering honors on the rise in Telangana

Representative image. This jump in admissions is mainly due to introduction of courses like artificial intelligence, machine learning, cyber security, robotics, internet of things, data science.

Hyderabad: Courses on new and emerging technologies seem to be reviving the charm of undergraduate engineering education as the number of admissions in the country has been on the rise for the last three years.

In the convenor’s quota, engineering enrollment has increased by more than 13,500 since 2020. A total of 61,702 students enrolled in engineering this year, compared to 57,545 in 2021 and 47,739 in 2020.

This surge in admissions is mainly due to the introduction of courses like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Cyber ​​Security, Robotics, IoT, Data Science, etc. in 2020 in engineering colleges as there are countless job opportunities for graduates in these fields. For example, out of 49,031 posts in computer science and IT fields like AI, ML, almost 90 percent were filled in the current academic year 2022-23.

However, several colleges have started offering these courses in emerging technologies at the expense of conventional and core programs such as mechanical and civil engineering. Most universities in the country have given up seats in core branches and opted for courses like AI, ML and cyber security.

Interestingly, despite the closure of 71 engineering colleges since 2015, the number of admissions in the country has increased. While 51,621 seats were filled in 248 engineering faculties in 2015, this year the number was 61,702 in 177 faculties.

As more students enroll in the mechanical engineering undergraduate program every year, the number of vacancies is gradually decreasing. A total of 22,396 in 2020, 22,277 in 2021 and 17,644 in 2022 were free according to the convener’s quota.


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