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While the latest data from the Union government shows that admissions in government schools have improved, details from the Ministry of Public Instruction here paint a different picture.

The number of students admitted to government schools decreased by 1.62 lakh in the academic year 2022/2023, while the number of admissions to private schools increased by 1.66 lakh.

In absolute terms, enrollment in private schools this academic year was 44.66 lakh, up from 42.99 lakh last year. This year’s admission in government schools is 45.41 lakh, down from 47.04 lakh last year.

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Apparently, households that shifted their children to public schools due to financial difficulties during the Covid-19 pandemic returned their children to private schools.

“There were at least four students who were admitted to primary classes. Everyone has made up their minds this year,” said the principal of a government school in south Bengaluru.

According to experts, one of the main reasons for migration from government to private schools is the government’s failure to provide basic facilities.

“The government has failed to take constructive steps to retain the children who have migrated from private schools. Several government schools lack basic infrastructure, teachers and quality,” said academician VP Niranjanaradhya.

Some students enrolled in public schools because of some compulsion, such as the financial crisis caused by the pandemic, he said.

“There were some parents who were looking at state schools. They have again started migrating to private schools as the government is not actually taking any concrete steps to retain them or increase parents’ confidence in government schools,” Niranjanaradhya said.

Acknowledging the government-private migration, Commissioner of Public Instruction Vishal R said, “Our recognition is 100 per cent. But those who switched from private to state in the last two years have come back.” He also pointed out that the population of children in the initial age group is decreasing by at least 1% every year.


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