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Tigist Eshetu, Regional Director - India, Ethiopian Airlines
Tigist Eshetu, Regional Director – India, Ethiopian Airlines

Ethiopian Airlines and TravoCure Healthcare, the medical travel division and a subsidiary of India-based Akbar Group of Companies, announced their recent medical tourism partnership to facilitate services for passengers traveling from Africa to India for medical reasons. This will see both parties undertake joint promotional activities to highlight India as a medical tourism destination for its modern medical technologies in internationally accredited hospitals and clinics.

One of the fastest growing sectors globally is the medical tourism industry. Recognized as a trusted provider in this industry, the main focus of Akbar Travels through TravoCure Healthcare has always been to provide a plethora of medical travel and wellness support services to patients anywhere in the world through the 7000 support staff employed in its vast network of over 200 offices across India, including airport counters. Hence, with its latest partnership with Ethiopian Airlines, passengers traveling to India from Africa for medical reasons will be given discounts for viable medical treatment through the Akbar Travels Group. This step is to further the company’s mission of providing high quality healthcare at lower costs.

Ethiopian Airlines is among the first to initiate a move to offer more amenities and discounted airfares to its medical travelers. Being the first airline to actively participate in the future success of the medical tourism industry by offering a more seamless travel experience for medical travelers, the airline will also offer better travel packages for medical tourists at affordable costs. Thus, travelers who were previously in a quandary to visit a destination can now confirm their plans as they can manage their expenses and costs while managing a convenient trip.

Tigist Eshetu, Regional Director, India and Subcontinent, Ethiopian Airlines said, “Putting our customers first has always been our top priority. That’s why we at Ethiopian Airlines are more than happy to partner with a trusted organization like Akbar Travels Group, as we are ready to go the extra mile and provide medical patients with their right to treatment as part of their journey to recovery hassle-free and worry-free.Thus all patients traveling from Africa to India for medical facilities can benefit, as with Akbar Travels we also look forward to many more new innovative horizons for the future.

Commenting on the partnership, Nitheesh Krishnan, CEO of TravoCure Healthcare, said: “World-class hospitals and access to highly qualified English-speaking medical professionals at a fraction of the cost, today is one of the driving factors for many international patients seeking medical treatment in India. At Travocure Healthcare, we believe in meeting this demand to the best of our ability and therefore believe that our partnership with Ethiopian Airlines is the first step in making our vision a reality.”


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