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Evander Kane suffered a gruesome injury in the Houston Oilers’ win over the Tampa Bay Lighting on Tuesday night. Kane’s left wrist ended up being cut by the blade of Lightning forward Pat Maroon’s skate, and Kane quickly sprinted off the ice as blood began to pour from the watch on his wrist.

Thankfully, Kane’s injury was treated quickly and he was able to return to the Oilers on Saturday morning. Kane will be forced to miss three to four months as he recovers from injury, but it’s clear he’s avoided the worst possible scenario here. Upon his return to the Oilers, Kane delivered some shocking news about his injury, only adding to the belief that things could turn out to be a lot worse for Kane.

It’s good to see Kane back in his team, especially given the scary nature of the injury. Considering how quickly his wrist began to bleed, it was clear that this could be a very serious injury for Kane. The fact that the cut went all the way to the bone shows just how serious the injury could be to not only Kane’s hockey career, but his life as well.

The good news is that Kane is back with his team and is moving forward in good spirits. The Oilers will definitely miss his presence for now as Kane has 13 points in the first 14 games of the season. For now, Kane will focus on his recovery, but it’s clear that Houston will be anxious to get back on the ice after this serious injury.


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