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Problem with 1-inch Camera Sensor

Although the next wave of the new war has not yet started, there are many configuration points already known, such as the Snapdragon 8 Gen2 or the Dimensity 9200 processor, such as Sony’s 1-inch mega sensor at the bottom IMX989.

Problem with 1-inch Camera Sensor

Recently, the former OPPO vice president Shen Yiren on their Weibo profile took the spotlight on two issues with the 1-inch camera sensor, which will be installed on the flagships.

The next wave of video flagships is 1-inch bottom sensor, so the design of the camera area will be in the surrounding environment to see some “different” and “recognition “. Basically, there should be a height difference of 4-5mm between the maximum height of the ball and the thickness of the fuselage. It’s time to combine creative skills and craft content.

In fact, in the face of the cell phone lens we have seen strange, but the 1-inch package is a little big, here you can go to the use in Xiaomi 12S Ultra made, and the future Vivo X90 Pro + to see. is acceptable.


Vivo X90 Pro + Hands-on video camera package.

Another problem is the heavy head, these two problems in daily use are incredibly powerful. The size of the lens module will also make the body unbalanced and focus on the top, these points will affect the daily experience.

Of course, the benefit of the package is that the photos will lead to an increase in mobile phone photography can finally be done and the card machine power, then to package or photos, depending on the user’s personal choice.



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