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NEW YORK — With the holidays approaching, Block alert days are about to start in New York City.

CBS2’s Hannah Kliger got tips from an expert on how to beat the crowds on the roads and in the air this holiday season.

The busiest travel season of the year is fast approaching and New York City is among the top five most popular Thanksgiving destinations in the country, according to AAA, along with Orlando, Anaheim, Las Vegas and Atlanta.

“We’re actually flying to Florida to see my family, and we’re taking a cruise for Thanksgiving,” said Lisa Bakhos, a New Jersey resident.

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Next Sunday, Nov. 20, is the most expensive time to fly, according to travel experts like Robert Sinclair Jr. with AAA, but this time of year is also tricky for other reasons.

“Weather is the big x-factor for flying on or around Thanksgiving. Only 70 percent of all air traffic delays nationwide come from the Tri-State Area,” Sinclair said.

Atlanta resident Jack Arcentales visits his family in Queens every two weeks and flew in Sunday night. Thanksgiving week, however, is coming up.

“It being the holiday season, airports are going to be packed, TSA will have backup, just get there as early as possible,” he said.

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Navigating the roads also requires a bit of planning.

The New York City Department of Transportation says the first congestion alert day of the holiday season will be this Wednesday, Nov. 16, but travel experts say the worst time to travel will be the day before Thanksgiving of Gracias, on November 23, after 5 in the afternoon

And yet some drivers, like Long Island resident Josh Crump, are getting behind the wheel then. He is planning a 26-hour trip to Austin, Texas, for a motorcycle event.

“We’re going to drive all Thanksgiving,” he said. “We’ll celebrate Thanksgiving together on the road.”

Sinclair says the one thing he always suggests to beat the driver race: “Wake up earlier on Thanksgiving itself and hit the road then.”

If you’re staying local, the MTA suggests taking mass transit on Lockout Alert Days and keeping those dates in mind to avoid getting caught up in the season’s mad rush. Plan ahead and be patient.

For a complete list of lockout alert days, press HERE.


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