Eye on Travel – Madison, Wisconsin – November 5, 2022 | Tech US News


This week’s broadcast of Watch the journey is from Madison, Wisconsin and the iconic Edgewater Hotel. Peter reports from the shores of Lake Mendota with global travel updates: a potential pilot strike at Delta, rising domestic airfares (and some surprising deals on overseas flights), where Americans are (and aren’t) traveling and what will be sacrificed. in the process Join Peter, world traveler and online video star Drew Binsky, who has been to every country in the world, with his global report. Paul Soglin, Madison’s longest-serving mayor, with an update on the capital, home of the University of Wisconsin, on how Madison became a pioneer in environmental sustainability. Peter is a Badger and UW grad, and sings the praises of America’s best farmers market, as well as America’s hottest new restaurant, Harvey House. There’s all this and more in this edition of Watch the journey.


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