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With its powerful body, performance, and adaptability for gaming, the OPPO Reno8 Pro has everything you need in a top-of-the-line phone for an average price. And perhaps more importantly, it is so pleasant and easy to use that you will even fall in love with OPPO Reno8 Pro.

Important features

  • The fingerprint reader is activated in 0.2 seconds
  • 80W SUPER VOOC battery
  • MariSilicon X NPU made image
  • 4K Ultra Night Video
  • 5g does
  • WiFi 6

  • Types of Medicines: OPPO
  • CPU: MediaTek Dimensity 8100-MAX
  • Display: 6.7-inch AMOLED Full HD, 394 PPI
  • RAM: 8 / 12 GB of
  • Storage: 256 GB does
  • Battery: 4500mAh 80W Super VOOC
  • Port: USB Type-C
  • Operating System: ColoOS (Android 12)
  • Front camera: 32MP
  • Rear camera: 50MP
  • Connection: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
  • Size: 16.12 x 7.42 x 0.74 cm
  • Color: Glazed Black and Glazed Green
  • Weight: 183g (6.5oz)
  • Support: 50% in 11 minutes
  • Support Micro SD card: No
  • Stylus type: No

  • The camera is amazing
  • Light
  • The battery is very good
  • Fingerprint unlock super-fast
  • Internal storage is very large
  • The vegetables are very good
  • Good built-in speaker

  • A little fine no case
  • It will make you forget you have another phone
  • There is no 3.5mm audio port

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If you are looking for a new favorite phone with a good camera, good performance, and a good display, OPPO Reno8 Pro is one to consider. Better yet, this is a phone that won’t break the bank, offering the best features for an average price.

What is OPPO Phone?

If you’re like me and love big smartphone brands like Samsung and Apple and Sony, you probably don’t know about OPPO. A Chinese company that has been producing smartphones since the mid-2000s, its phones are increasingly popular in the UK, Europe, and Australia – although they are rarely seen in North America.

This is probably more to do with the smartphone brand’s country of origin than anything else. Which is a shame, because they’re good-quality phones that like to benchmark well. But how does OPPO Reno8 Pro measure up?

What do you get with OPPO Reno8 Pro?

In the box, OPPO Reno8 Pro comes with USB-C cable, power adapter, and SIM card removal tool. It also comes with a simple rubber case, which is important because the finish is a little slippery at times.

The phone also has a protective face after assembly. It is not a fixed glass style protector, however, more of a plastic film model. It will do the job but if you are particularly butter-fingered or regularly visit a busy place, there is pressure, a more serious protection and information is shown.

OPPO Reno8 Pro Specification

The 6.7-inch AMOLED Full HD (2412×1080) display works at 394 PPI. It has a maximum 120Hz refresh rate, and can achieve 950 nits of brightness.

Measuring 16.12×7.42×0.74cm and weighing around 183 grams, OPPO Reno8 Pro features a USB Type-C port with USB OTG. However, this does not support HDMI transport. There is no 3.5mm audio port.

The phone features the MediaTek Dimensity 8100-MAX chip, which wields an octa-core CPU and Arm Mali-G610 GPU, backed by 12GB of LPDDR5 RAM and 256GB onboard storage. Everything is wrapped in a smart unibody design, the product of an 800 ℃ hot forging process, with Corning Gorilla Glass 5.

Power comes from a 4500mAh 80W SuperVOOC battery. With superfast charging, this can jump the battery to 50% in just 11 minutes of charging, with just five minutes providing up to two hours of play. The battery has up to 1600 charge times, which means it can work effectively for more than four years i.e. charged every day.

OPPO Reno8 Pro is a dual SIM 5G phone. Due to the size of the onboard storage, there is no slot for a microSD card.

Finally, the screen-to-body ratio is 93.4%, and the phone comes in “Glazed Black” and “Glazed Green” finishes. Our review device, pictured here, has a Glazed Black finish.

The OPPO Reno8 Pro main features

Aside from being a great looking phone that is easy to use, the OPPO Reno8 Pro is packed full of great features. Most of the concerns of this camera, which we will look at in detail below, which is very heavy on the MariSilicon X NPU, an ultra-pure imaging processor.

Everything about this phone is wrapped in ColorOS, OPPO’s version of Android. It’s not Android One, but it’s good enough to be different. I would put it on par with Samsung’s One UI, although the integration with native apps is not good. It can be seen as Android, with all orientations and settings, as well as a few other features that are unique to OPPO and this particular phone.

For everyday use, an AI system booster is included that improves performance as you use your phone, to deliver a great experience.

Benchmarking OPPO Reno8 Pro Performance

After a few days of using the phone, I still love it. The usual “new phone” needs to always be worn by this, but that has not happened. Maybe a dose of truth will be looking at OPPO Reno8 Pro benchmarks?

Reviewing the device with the PCMark benchmarking tool for Android, the test performance 3.0 level returned a score of 11930. For details, at the time of writing, the highest rated phone is Motorola Edge S30, at 18520.

So, not the best performing phone, but certainly no slouch. The OPPO Reno8 Pro can compare well with Xiaomi Redmi K40 (11915) and Xiaomi Civi (11991).

The phone features an “ultra-conductive” cooling system, with five types of cooling materials such as Ultra-Conductive Graphite.

Take a look at the OPPO Reno8 Pro camera

Although easy to hold and use and unlikely to cause you any performance issues, OPPO Reno8 Pro’s real strength is the camera. Having been limited to reviews of rugged phones for the past few years, I’ve seen nothing quite like this.

The Reno8 Pro uses Sony IMX709 and Sony IMX766 sensors for the front and rear cameras. These are considered flagship-level sensors, and the results are impressive.

For selfies, the front camera’s Sony IMX709 32MP sensor has autofocus, HDR, and uses the OPPO RGBW sensor for improved light sensitivity, allowing 60% more light with 35% noise reduction. The good results are improved photography.

Around the back, OPPO Reno8 Pro Sony IMX766 has a 50MP camera, with autofocus and 86 degree field of view (FOV). There is also an ultrawide option with a 112 degree FOV, and a macro lens.

The rear camera supports additional shooting modes, especially 4K Ultra Night Video. The three main rear lenses produce images like this (zoom, standard, ultrawide):

You’ll also find AI-enhanced slow motion, time-lapse, panoramic, macro photography, and even dual-view, which uses the front and back cameras simultaneously. Some models are also included, thanks to the integration with Soloop, which will appeal to young smartphone users because they are ideal for TikTok.

If smartphone photography is a passion, OPPO Reno8 Pro includes a pro mode for taking photos and a video mode for videos. There is also an AI-controlled portrait mode if you like simple but good photos.

The video format is particularly impressive, ramping up to full widescreen ratio. Fortunately, 4K night mode works with all types of video, including video, although this causes less impact on the Reno8 Pro’s battery, so both should be used with care.

The camera’s default app unsurprisingly features all the current-normal features, such as tap to lock to focus, show palm to a selfie, etc., but the real magic is done with OPPO’s MariSillicon X AI technology that delivers better photos and videos, in 4K, in dark and dark, with HDR feature.

This doesn’t just work with the default app, either. MariSillicon X development is available for third-party apps, too.

Use OPPO Reno8 Pro

Whether you need some gaming phone, productivity, communication, or just a great camera, OPPO Reno8 Pro seems to fulfill all needs.

It is light and while a little slippery, the included rubber material makes it easy to hold. The fingerprint scanner makes opening the phone fast, and while there is no 3.5mm audio port, OPPO Reno8 Pro has surprisingly good speaker and sound over Bluetooth is good.

Since I started testing, the OPPO Reno8 Pro has worked hard to replace and surpass my “main” phone. It easily handles productivity tools like Slack and Asana, schedule management, networking, social media, and online shopping — not to mention a little odd. of video uploading – all without any indication of slowness or shutdown or any kind of performance loss.

Importantly, the phone never seems to get hot, even with heavy video games and when using data recording.

Some days, the battery is still over 50% when I go to bed. A better battery of course means less charge, which is good for prolonging the life of the device

I Love This Phone!

Finding a new phone that feels right at home can be difficult. It may be too big for your hand, too heavy, too wide; there may be features you don’t like; the camera will absorb; it can be too expensive for the experience you get.

The OPPO Reno8 Pro is a mid-range phone with a top-notch camera, it runs Android 12-based ColorOS, and is the best phone I’ve had in years. Lately my main phone has been the Nokia XR20, but the OPPO Reno8 Pro has been working hard to support Nokia without me even knowing.

A phone that does everything you need it to do, the OPPO Reno8 Pro is the phone to choose if you can’t afford the top price.


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