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FARGO, ND (KVRR) – Icy driving conditions are another reminder of the winter weather that’s here with freezing rain and sleet.

Not much snow fell in the Fargo-Moorhead area this afternoon.

But the roads are wet and slippery and will get very icy as the temperature drops.

Fargo Public Works is making sure the roads are safe and is advising people not to travel unless absolutely necessary.

“The big thing now is to be aware of the roads; we’re teetering on that temperature where the roads could freeze and the water could turn to ice pretty quickly. We just ask that people pay attention to the roadway and conditions. Take your time, slow down and we will continue to monitor this storm as it moves through,” says Paul Fiechtner, Fargo Public Works Service Manager.

Fiechtner says crews prepared for the storm by scouting the streets late Wednesday night.

“We’ve had employees out. Just patrolling the roads to make sure things aren’t slippery and definitely having the crew ready when we need salt and things to fix the roads. Kind of a tricky time of year, especially with the rain and stuff,” he said Fiechtner.

Lt. Troy Hischer, the North Dakota Highway Patrol’s Northeast commander, says the snow hit Grand Forks harder than Fargo, but drivers are doing well to stay aware of outside conditions.

“People should use caution. I would advise against traveling tonight after dark here in the North Valley. It’s not going to be nice, and it’s supposed to recover. We’ve got a lot of snow already, two to four inches on our roads with wheels and mud. There won’t be decent driving conditions here at night,” Hischer said.

If you have to travel, make sure you leave early, slow down, have a winterization kit in your car and always keep your phone charged.


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