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A 74-year-old Drybrook man suffered a fatal fall at Cheltenham Psychiatric Hospital just hours after being admitted, an inquest heard last week.

John Mullinger, of Hillside Rd, Drybrook, who suffered from memory problems and paranoid personality disorder, was admitted to Charlton Lane Hospital on February 9 this year but collapsed in the early hours of the following morning, the Gloucester Inquest was told. Thursday (Nov. 10).

He was taken to Cheltenham General Hospital for treatment for head injuries but died on February 17.

Gloucestershire assistant coroner Roland Wooderson said a post-mortem examination showed Mr Mullinger died from a traumatic intercranial hematoma due to dementia and paranoid personality disorder.

The coroner ruled the death accidental.

Mr Mullinger’s wife, Charlie, said she visited him on February 12 following his admission to Cheltenham General and was told by hospital staff of his death on February 17.

Psychiatrist Martin Ansell said Mr Mullinger was referred to Charlton Lane by the local mental health team because he had a history of memory problems and personality changes.

“He was 74 years old and had suffered from dementia for eight years,” the doctor said. “This was exacerbated by psychiatric problems and aggression. He was admitted to hospital on 9 February 2022 and in the overnight hours of 10 February he appears to have fallen in his bedroom and suffered a head injury.

“His condition worsened on February 11 and he was admitted to the general hospital by emergency transfer. On February 12, a head CT scan showed a large cranial hematoma. He died five days later.”

Conclusion: Accidental death.


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