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The shock of Covid-19 and its lockdowns is coming to a long-awaited end and people around the world are celebrating in their own way. One such way is to travel, break free from the monotony and roam the desert. While there is a lot of talk about family trips, friend trips, and romantic getaways for couples, one important part of the pudding is often left out: solo travel.

An enriching experience in itself, solo travel has increased on a large scale, especially after the pandemic and this article explores why.

Clutter the mind

After everything we’ve been through due to the pandemic, from being quarantined at home for the better part of a year, unpredictable health conditions, travel restrictions, being surrounded by family 24×7, some travelers want to find peace and quiet traveling alone. . Often overstimulated by media, our minds require a quiet retreat from time to time and solo travel provides just the right space for that. Away from the hustle and bustle of mundane life, the solo traveler explores different sides of himself during the trip as he will have to perform various tasks on his own.

Better security

Technology is growing faster every day and we are getting to know many applications to follow what is happening around the world. The Covid-19 lockdown was an opportune time to research and gather as much information as possible about travel safety apps like Sitata, which has a network of more than 200 countries and provides instant updates on emergencies in network countries and a forum to exchange information with fellow travelers. There are also other apps like Safe, especially for female solo travelers, to store emergency contacts and alert them in case of an emergency. There are also apps like Haven, which help you track your phone in case the place you visit has a high crime rate. We have location tracking features in a multitude of apps, paving the way for a safe experience for solo travelers and their loved ones.

Friendly cost

Traveling alone is definitely cheaper than having a traveling companion, which can come in handy when choosing your travel destination. Since the cost per capita is lower, you can even choose a city or country with a higher standard of living and still afford a nice trip.

Increased exposure

Exposure to social media and the world becoming a global village only got better during the lockdown. Being networked between countries has allowed us to have acquaintances who offer us a hand when we plan a trip to their city or country.

Digital nomad life

Digital nomads are on the move, exploring different places and still working remotely, so they maintain a livelihood while traveling. 45 countries have introduced some form of digital nomad visa for people to enjoy the beauty of nature to the fullest. Some places do not charge digital nomads taxes for up to five years of their stay. So this is a unique possibility for travel enthusiasts to use and make souvenirs to their liking.


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