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Right now is a very, very good time to explore Europe by rail. Tons of dazzling night train services and super cheap, high speed routes are popping up all the time. After decades of air superiority, we are currently in the midst of a European rail renaissance in full swing.

And if you are a young person, the railway in Europe is going to get even better. Young people traveling between Germany and France could soon be eligible for special extra-cheap train tickets.

The initiative, which is a joint effort of the German and French governments, is designed to promote train travel and help reduce carbon emissions. Exact details of the scheme’s pricing and age eligibility are yet to be announced, although more details are expected after ministers meet in January.

And this is far from the only spectacularly affordable European rail project to be launched in the new year. Germany recently announced that it would introduce a €49 (£43, $49) monthly public transport ticket that would cover virtually all of the country’s trains, trams and buses. Not bad, huh?

So guys, watch this space! Intra-European rail travel could be about to make an entire load cheaper and more accessible.

Did you see that Germany is relaunching its mega-cheap monthly public transport ticket?

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