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Bertrand replaces Dilbagh Gill, who left Mahindra Racing in September 2022 after a nine-year stint with the team.

Mahindra Racing has appointed Frédéric Bertrand as its new Chief Executive Officer. He will assume his duties from the team headquarters in Bunbury, England and will report directly to Mahindra Racing Chairperson Asha Kharga. In this role, Frédéric will lead Mahindra Racing, one of the founding organizations and the only Indian team competing in the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship, which is entering its ninth season.

Commenting on his appointment, Kharga said, ‘We are delighted to welcome Frederick to Mahindra Racing. Frédéric brings with him an excellent combination of automobile industry expertise with a special focus on motorsports. It’s an exciting time, as we enter Season 9, which will feature an all-new Gen 3 car. It is also a particularly important year for Mahindra as a founding Formula E team. For the first time in the history of Formula E, India will host its first race in Hyderabad in February 2023. We are committed to our electric mobility agenda, which is a strong indicator of our sustainability credentials.’

Previously, Friedrich was professionally involved with the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) as Director of Formula E and Innovative Sports Projects. About a decade ago, he became the head of the sports department of the federation. His role includes working on the development of strategies and a wide spectrum of disciplines, including but not limited to single-seaters, truck racing, drag racing, touring cars and alternative energy. Subsequently, he was elected as the Director of the FIA ​​Circuit Championship – a position where he was tasked with structuring as well as promoting the official FIA Circuit Racing Series on the world stage.

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