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MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) – It’s the holiday travel season, and despite inflation, AAA Alabama expects more people on the road.

“I think now that we’re a little bit out of this pandemic, I think the number of trips will go back up, probably very close to what we saw before the pandemic,” said Clay Ingram with AAA. Alabama.

He explained that most people are willing to sacrifice a few extra dollars to see family during the winter holidays, even when gas prices go up.

Although demand will be high, the expert predicts that gas prices in Alabama could go down.

“I think our gas prices for Thanksgiving and the year-end Christmas holiday, I think, will be a little bit lower than where we are now,” Ingram said. “We’re seeing gas prices drop a little bit every day, just a penny a day.”

That’s good news for consumers looking for pennies to save at the pump. That’s money that could be going toward your Thanksgiving turkey or Christmas shopping.

What could hold consumers back are unexpected car repair costs. Now is a good time to repair vehicles.

“Make sure your belts and hoses are in good shape, your tires, your battery, your fluid levels, your wiper blades, all those things that are important to help you get from point A to point B” , Ingram added.

Some people may be afraid that if they take their car to a repair shop, they might get ripped off.

It’s not as big a problem as people might think, according to Ingram. It’s all about finding a good, reliable automotive technician.

AAA has a list of approved auto repair facilities online. It’s free and has about 100 stores in Alabama.

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