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General Admission Restaurant was opened in 2019 to offer people a new extravagant entertainment in a sports lounge. Located near the iconic Universal Studio neighborhood in Hollywood and known as the headquarters of the Los Angeles sports fan community, General Admission Restaurant has redefined the sports viewing experience.

LA is where the legendary Kobe Bryant scored a historic 81-point game in the Stanley Cup in 2012. It hosted the ’32 and ’84 Olympics. It has been home to 6 Super Bowls, three NCAA Basketball Finals, four BCS National Championship Games and the list goes on. From radio to television and now cell phones, fans enjoy the vibrant distraction that LA sports keeps in their breath and being. A community of such fans loves nothing more than getting together over great food and beer and watching the game.

The purpose of general admission is to bring the stadium closer to the fans with its ambiance and ample space in a premium, fresh and high-energy environment. General Admission also hosts special events, one of which is specifically tailored to sports fans. Called “Pre-Game LA,” this event takes place every Friday night and focuses on pre-game specials.

If you think sports make you hungry, you need to witness it pain one feels like one is enjoying playing with a group of like-minded people. This is where the general admission menu and their happy hours (Monday to Friday from 5pm to 7pm) come into play. It boasts an eclectic selection that ranges from popular appetizers to exotic sliders to robust salads, entrees and desserts. Plus, their signature cocktails like the 101, Sour Patch, Smokin’ Paloma and more, along with beer, wine and seltzers add the finishing touches to what makes a perfect sports night!

The founders and managers of General Admission have made fans feel at home with a spacious and aesthetically designed interior. Their outdoor patio allows fans to bond over great conversation and delicious food. Guests can sit around the bar, the liveliest area of ​​the general admission ticket, and feel like they’re sitting with some of the best buds in their living room.

The general fun atmosphere, the sense of space and the exciting joy come together in one place with the general ticket. Located next to Universal Studios, between the SFV Valley and Hollywood, the general admission atmosphere is intense and touches everyone who comes in contact.


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