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If you’ve dreamed of traveling around Australia and New Zealand in a motorhome, now’s your chance to get paid to do it.

Payroll provider Deel is looking to hire a social media nomad to work with its team for six months to showcase the ins and outs of working from anywhere.

And this person will do it all from his van, the Deel Mobeel.

Here’s what you need to know

The company offers the following:

  • NZD$5,000 (about $2,841) per month to create content and be the face of Deel Mobeel while enjoying all that Australia and New Zealand has to offer
  • A fully equipped sleeper van with everything you need for the duration of your trip to the islands below
  • An all-expenses-paid flight to New Zealand and Australia
  • A weekly stipend for things like food, gas and parking
  • Flexible working hours to discuss with your Deel manager
  • Deel will handle the necessary visas and work approvals

The person who gets the job will get a laptop and $330 to buy remote work equipment.

They will also receive $100 per month for health and wellness budget and $30 per month for learning and development.

According to the job description, Deel would like his social media nomad to:

  • Regularly create and upload content related to your van trip to Deel’s social media platforms as well as your own
  • It demonstrates the wide range of capabilities available on the Deel platform, including what it’s like to work and get paid through Deel
  • Arrange meetings with other remote workers and interview Deel customers for testimonials

To qualify for the job, you’ll need:

  • 3+ years of experience as a social media manager, influencer or brand ambassador
  • Strong speaking and writing skills in English
  • Driver’s license and passport

Deel also stated that he is interested in someone with a special connection to Australia and New Zealand, including “Lord of the Rings” superfans.

Deel’s application for the social media nomad position closes on October 11.

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