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With smartphones regularly entering the market with new and updated versions, there is no doubt that they have become capital. Other than hardware and software features, users are also looking for value for money and durability. We need our heritage to support our lifestyle, but also need peace of mind if restoration is needed.

Global smartphone brand OPPO allows you to enjoy a holistic smartphone experience, providing an unparalleled portfolio of after-sales and repair services for all customers. While OPPO continues to develop and innovate their smartphones to stand the test of time, the main goal is to provide their users with only the best support for whatever needs arise. . With more than 26 OPPO Service Centers nationwide, OPPO puts its customers in the Philippines at the heart of everything they do.

You can use it OPPO Care Bundle Whenever you visit your nearest OPPO service center. This package includes guaranteed one-hour turnaround time for repairs, and free shipping when the Support team returns your device. OPPO Service Center users can also receive free services, including free phone diagnostics and testing, free software updates, free screen protectors, free phone disinfectants and free medical care .

OPPO also has many services to repair and support even without many problems. Skip the line by making an appointment on the OPPO Support page or your MyOPPO app. While you are waiting for your OPPO phone to be repaired, you can borrow another phone at this time through the Loan Phone Service. Opting for OPPO Service Center also allows for facial treatments, so you can guarantee the care given to your device. For NCR-based customers, you can get OPPO’s Door-to-Door Service, where they pick up and return your device to and from the service center for free.

What’s more – OPPO customers are treated every month during OPPO Service Day with lots of freebies and discounts. Like every day from the 10th to the 12th of the month, OPPO Service Centers offer discounts on accessories, LCD and motherboard replacement, as well as free drinks and other special gifts.

You can contact OPPO Support in various ways, including any local OPPO dealer or Store or your nearest OPPO service center. The OPPO Call Center team is also available every day from 9am to 9pm via toll-free, email or chat on the OPPO Support website or the OPPO Care Philippines Facebook page.

With OPPO Care, you can enjoy your smartphone because their Service Center will take care of the rest.




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