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Former world number six Gilles Simon admits he “never liked” Andy Murray’s game as he looks forward to playing the Briton one last time. 37-year-old Simon is playing the last tournament of his career at the Paris Masters.

In the first round of the Masters tournament in Paris, Simon will face 35-year-old Murray. When Simon and Murray meet, it will be their 19th meeting. Entering the bout, Murray holds a dominant 16-2 record against Simon.

Simon on playing Murray

“You have to play one!

Each opponent has its strengths and weaknesses. Andy is a difficult player to play, especially for me. I never liked his game, it was always difficult. Now, as always, I beat him twice more. I cling to this, telling myself that I can always do it.

I was also able to push him several times, matches where I was serving for match, some matches were really close. It’s been a while since we played. We’ll see. This is a special match. I will try to focus, play well, move well.

We’ll see what happens next,” Simon told We Love Tennis. Interestingly, Simon defeated Murray in their first meeting, at the Rome Masters in 2007. After losing the first meeting to Simon, Murray then 12 consecutive victories over the Frenchman.

Eight years after defeating Murray for the first time, Simon scored his second and to date final victory over the Briton. In the Rotterdam quarter-finals in 2015, Simon defeated Murray in straight sets to end his 12-match losing streak against the Briton.

Since the match in Rotterdam, Murray and Simon have met four times. In those four meetings, Murray scored four victories. However, it should be noted that their last meeting took place in Vienna in 2016. Now Simon is set to meet Murray again in his last tournament. It remains to be seen if Simon can beat Murray and get at least one win in his final tournament


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