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Peter Idowu (not his real name), a postgraduate student from Lagos State, detailed how GPEC Global Resourcesan education consultant based in Oyo State, defrauded him of N210,000 after promising to help him find a free postgraduate course in Spain.

Idowu told FIJ that he fell for the educational institution’s fraudulent scheme when he read about the postgraduate scholarship offer on Facebook.

“Sometime in February 2021, I saw a post on Facebook by GPEC Global Resources in Ibadan saying that they are helping people to secure a scholarship in Spain. They even said it was a 70% scholarship offer,” Idowu said.

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“I copied the address of the company because I was interested and I visited them at their office in Ibadan. During the visit I was informed that I would pay N10,000 as counseling fee. I obliged and paid immediately.”

Idowu said he was also asked to pay an initial deposit of N200,000 to “begin his admission to Spain”.

“They then asked me to pay N200,000 to start the admission process. I immediately paid the money, I stopped talking to them,” said the graduate student.

“I visited them several times, but they kept asking me to come back. Nothing has been done in 2021 and until now. I later found out that they didn’t process the receipt.

“All my attempts to reach Oluwatosin Anjorin, the General Manager of the consultation have been unsuccessful. No one in their company will even pay attention to me. Even when I contacted the doctor, he only made endless empty promises that he would let me know the admission process.”

Poster by GPEC Global Consult.

The graduate student said that news had been doing the rounds about how so many people had fallen victim to a fake scholarship offer from the same counsellor. He also said he had to change his choice of institution to an in-state university after the offer fell through.

“I’ve heard that this is how GPEC Global resources have been working for years. They will squeeze people, especially students, into their consultancy firm, collect money and then they will not do the job,” Idowu said.

“Now I had to enroll in a Nigerian university for postgraduate studies. I wanted to study in Spain, but GPEC ruined my plans.

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“More appalling is that I was refused even when I asked for a refund. Since I didn’t get the ticket, I should at least get my money back.”

FIJ made several calls to a phone number available on the GPEC Global Resources website for comment, but they did not answer. A text message and email sent to the company also went unanswered at press time.


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