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While some advertisers have limited their budgets for some Google products, the company’s travel and retail verticals led Google’s search and other revenue in the third quarter.

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Parent company Alphabet recently reported that its search and other revenue categories grew 4 percent during the third quarter to $40 billion, led by travel and retail.

The company declined, during an earnings call with analysts last month about the quarter that ended Sept. 30, to provide additional details about the performance of its various verticals.

“In difficult times like these, advertisers are carefully evaluating the effectiveness of their budgets,” said chief commercial officer Philipp Schindler. “Search tends to do relatively well in this environment, given its strong measurability and focus on delivering ROI (return on investment). It’s also well-suited to quickly adjust to changes in consumer behavior.”

The strength of travel in Google search (note that the company mentioned travel first, before retail) came as a variety of travel companies posted a strong third quarter based on consumers still wanting to board flights despite the cancellation failure during the summer.

Alphabet’s third-quarter net income fell 26 percent to $13.9 billion on revenue of $69 billion, up 6 percent.


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