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Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-C.) said Tuesday’s midterm elections are “definitely not a Republican wave, that’s for damn sure.”

“The wave would sweep through New Hampshire and Colorado,” Donald Trump loyalist Savannah Guthrie told NBC News. Sen. Maggie Hassan (D) defeated challenger Don Bolduc (R) in New Hampshire, and Sen. Michael Bennet (D) defeated Joe O’Dea (R) in Colorado.

Graham offered a surprising “hats off” to Democrats, who he said “have done well in a lot of these swing districts.” Still, he predicted the GOP would win control of the Senate “at 51, 52” seats “when it’s all said and done.”

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Graham rejected the suggestion that former President Donald Trump hurt Republican candidates with his campaign self-aggrandizement.

“You know, not really. I think it was a referendum on (President Joe) Biden,” Graham said. “If we take back the House and get a majority in the Senate, it’s going to be a very good night.”

Graham also had some “unsolicited advice” for Biden.

“If we take the House of Representatives and we take the Senate. Let’s all go to the border and see if we can find a way to fix this,” he said. “I have an account with Elizabeth Warren, believe it or not, to regulate social media, and maybe we could do something in the energy and energy space. So, if the government is divided, something good can come out of it.”

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