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Gucci Gift unveiled this year’s campaign that draws inspiration from the world of travel in a nod to the House’s founding history and heritage.

Under a starry winter sky, a cast of characters board a fanciful locomotive with an atmosphere that evokes splendor but also a bit of intrigue. Each passenger is on a journey beyond imagination, tinged with a shared appreciation for what is beautiful in the world.

Imagined by creative director Alessandro Michele, the images captured by Carlijn Jacobs and the film shot by Jordan Hemingway shed light on the bright and cheerful spirit of the holiday season.

Strollers, bags and suitcases of different shapes and sizes to carry everything you need (and not) take center stage, telling the House’s imaginative vision of travel, while lace, ruffles, rich velvets and sequins are add to the magic of the Holidays. . The House’s signature bags are dressed for the occasion, presented in tone-on-tone palettes, miniature proportions, precious leathers and optical motifs. Passengers are presented with a curated selection of fine jewelry and timepieces as they travel in suites adorned with pieces from the Gucci D├ęcor collection. Dressing tables showcase elegant and collectible Gucci Beauty designs alongside a lifestyle selection including loungewear and loungewear, as well as items from the Gucci Pet collection modeled after a group of beloved dogs on a walk.

The Gucci Gift campaign celebrates the magic of the holidays and the joy of sharing these moments with loved ones in the spirit of this special time of year.

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