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The window surrounding Thanksgiving is one of the busiest travel stretches of the year. The Transportation Security Administration expects 2.5 million air passengers to take to the skies on Wednesday alone, and that number could rise even more this weekend. Meanwhile, nearly 55 million Americans will drive 50 miles or more. Suffice to say, the weather will be crucial over the next four to five days.

DC area forecast: Smooth sailing through Thanksgiving, then rain chances return

While most pre-Thanksgiving travel will run smoothly, a pair of storm systems could complicate things across the southern and eastern United States Thursday through Sunday.

Across the West, the weather looks calm, although Portland and Seattle could see some rain, part of the same system that may bring snow to higher elevations.

We’ll run down what to expect in our city-by-city travel forecast.

Ahead of a cold front that sweeps east on Wednesday, moisture from the Gulf of Mexico will work its way north. This will lead to showers and thunderstorms on Thursday, spreading from East Texas in the morning and eventually into Arkansas, southern Missouri and Louisiana. In the evening, showers may sneak into Mississippi and western Tennessee.

By Thursday night, moisture moving north along the front will bring showers over the Ohio Valley, with heavier showers in the south. By Friday, a broken band of rain will extend from the Carolinas to Quebec, with light showers along the Interstate 95 corridor in the Mid-Atlantic and New England.

In total, a general 2 to 3 inches is likely in East Texas, with about a half inch to an inch over most of the South, except for the Florida peninsula. A broad tenth to a quarter of an inch will fall as light rain works its way over the Ohio and Tennessee valleys, with similar amounts in New England. South Carolina could see up to a third of an inch.

A storm system will develop over East Texas on Friday and work toward the Red River and southeast Oklahoma on Saturday. Ahead of the storm system, warm, moist Gulf air will rush north. That will bring rain to much of central and eastern Texas on Friday, immediately reaching System 1.

Behind the center of the system, northerly winds will pull cold air from the north; the moisture enveloping the storm and rising and on top of that cold air will fall as snow. That could drop plowable snow in parts of the Texas Panhandle and Hill Country on Friday. A winter storm watch is in effect.

That system will bring rain to the Lower Mississippi Valley on Saturday and then to the Ohio Valley, Midwest, Mid-Atlantic and Northeast on Sunday.

Where the weather will be wet and unsettled at times

  • Chicago: Mostly dry Wednesday through Saturday afternoon as highs cool from the low 60s (Wednesday) to the upper 40s (Saturday). Rain arrives Saturday night through Sunday morning.
  • Oklahoma City: Isolated showers Wednesday night into Saturday, but not a washout. Highs in the 40s and 50s, with lows in the 30s.
  • Wichita: Isolated with scattered showers Wednesday night into Saturday (and maybe a mischievous snowflake), but not a washout. Highs in the 40s, with lows in the 30s. Sunny, with a high near 50 on Sunday.
  • Washington DC: Dry during Thanksgiving. A few showers possible Friday with upper 50s. Near 60 Saturday with partly sunny before showers return Sunday.
  • New York City: Sunny Wednesday and Thursday. Showers likely Friday and Sunday with a break and partial sun on Saturday. Highs in the 50s each of the three days.
  • Boston: Sunny and near 50 Wednesday, with mid 40s and sunny Thursday. Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be between the 50s and 50s, with the possibility of rain on Friday and Sunday.
  • Atlanta: 60 until Sunday, when the upper 50s are possible. Intermittent showers and/or rain Thursday night through Saturday night.
  • Charleston: Isolated showers Wednesday and Thursday, with scattered showers Friday and Saturday night; an isolated shower remains on Sunday. Highs in the upper 60s, except near 70 on Saturday.
  • San Luis: Low 60s and partly sunny Wednesday. Rain on Thursday and Saturday with only scattered showers on Friday. Upper 40s to lower 50s. Clearer skies and a high near 50 Sunday.
  • New Orleans: Highs in the lower 70s through Friday, then in the upper 60s. Sunny on Wednesday, with showers, thunderstorms and rain Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Improvement Sunday. Heavy rain possible.
  • Dallas: Intermittent showers and thunderstorms possible through Saturday morning. 1 to 2 inches of rain possible. Highs in the upper 50s to lower 60s. The sun returns on Saturday afternoon. Heavy rain possible.
  • Houston: Sunny with highs near 70 on Wednesday. Showers likely Thursday and Friday, with highs dropping from the mid-70s to the low to mid-60s. Cool and sunny with lows in the mid-60s Saturday before returning to the 70s Sunday. Heavy rain possible.
  • Amarillo, Texas: Highs in the 60s with sunshine Wednesday. Highs in the low 40s with mixed precipitation Thursday, with mid-30s and possible snow/rain Friday. The sun returns with less than 50 years on Saturday and Sunday.

Where will the weather be good?

The weather will be mostly pleasant in the central and northern plains, the Rocky Mountains and most of the west, except for Washington state and Oregon. Here’s a look at some sunny cities:

  • Denver: Windy Wednesday in the lower 50s, then cooler Thursday with isolated snow showers. Peaks in the upper 30s. Sunny and pleasant with highs in the 50s through the weekend.
  • Minneapolis: Isolated morning rain on Thanksgiving, but otherwise, sunshine prevails in the 30s and 40s each day through Sunday.
  • Albuquerque: Sunny with 40s and 50s for highs and lows in the 20s.
  • Phoenix: Sunny with highs around 70 each day and lows in the 40s.
  • Las Vegas: Sunny with highs in the mid-60s each day and lows in the 40s.
  • San Francisco: Sunny with highs in the mid 60s each day and lows in the upper 40s.
  • The angels: Sunny with highs in the lower 70s every day and lows in the upper 40s. Sunday may be a bit cooler (upper 60s), with some morning fog.


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