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The holidays are here and it’s time to get your shopping done. If you have someone on your list who loves to travel, but also likes to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, why not consider giving them the gift of travel-inspired spices this holiday season?

It’s a great gift idea for aspiring chefs or new cooks looking to experiment with new international and exotic flavors, spices and seasonings. Let them take their taste buds on a trip around the world. Consider this gift your flavor passport to travel from the comfort of your own kitchen, and maybe they’ll take you along for the ride as a thank you.

Here are seven travel-inspired spices that should be on your radar this holiday shopping season.

Make a Basque-inspired night with Chili Powder from Boonville Barn Collective

Boonville Barn Collective, a seven-acre farm sustainably growing unique Basque-inspired chilies and producing unique chili powders, owned by Krissy Scommegna in Northern California’s resource-rich Anderson Valley. Piment d’Ville is their signature, California-grown version of Piment d’Espelette. Peppery, sweet and slightly spicy, it delivers a ton of layered flavor, without overwhelming heat. The Piment d’Ville collection features a classic, spicy and smoky version.

Around the world, while still at home with Savory Spice’s ‘Round The World Spice’ collection

Encourage someone on your holiday shopping list to embark on a spice-filled adventure around the world by exploring traditional Indian food at home with Garam Masala and Chai Spices, then head to Asia with bold and aromatic Chinese Five Spices, then to the Caribbean with all-purpose Cuban island spice. And don’t forget to try the flavorful Za’atar Focaccia recipe. Check out the ‘Round the World Spice’ collection of spices here.

Take a trip to Sicily with Bona Furtuna’s Sicilian Spices

Dozens of Sicilian herbs and spices have grown wild on La Furtuna Estate for centuries. Due to Sicily’s unique location and climate, these varieties are much hardier and tastier than their highly domesticated cousins. For the Italian travel lover there is a Cacio e Pepe Blend that is steeped in Italian history, as cacio e pepe dates back to the days of the Roman Empire; or Nepitella, a famous regional Italian herb from Tuscany. Used by chefs and nonnas across the country, the unique herb grows in abundance in the wild basin of the Mediterranean, but has been cultivated and nurtured in home gardens for its distinct and lush flavor.

Venture to Asia with Jacobsen Salt Co. x Fly By Jing Tingly Sichuan Salt

Blast your taste buds with 54 hertz of Tribute Pepper with this limited edition salt featuring Fly By Jing’s hand-selected Sichuan Tribute Peppers and JSC’s Kosher Sea Salt. It can be sprinkled on as a finishing touch, used as a dry rub, to garnish a cocktail or add to a midday snack and let the electric tingle of Sichuan light up every bite. Find it here. Want more? Check out their super umami-rich Furikake Seasoning which is made with sea salt, seaweed, sesame seeds, sugar and dried mushrooms.

Indulge in Middle Eastern foods at home with The Spice House’s Middle Eastern Collection

If someone on your holiday shopping list dreams of being in a Turkish cafe, an Israeli tavern, or a Lebanese cantina, dining in a Middle Eastern restaurant, this is the spice collection for them. The special gift box includes four seasoning blends, including a za’atar blended with lemon sumac, nutty sesame, marjoram, thyme and oregano for a specific Shawarma seasoning for a savory sumac perfect for hummus and other dips, and a Moroccan blend Ras El Hanout. intended for meat and vegetables. This collection of Middle Eastern spices will bring those flavors to life at home. Get the collection here.

Take a journey through the seasons of life with your resident gourmet chefs. inspired mixes

Chef Jennifer Booker creates salt and spice blends inspired by a time or place in her life. Her Deep South SeasonAll is inspired by visits to her family’s farm in Mississippi, while the Moulin Rouge Sassy Salt spice is the result of her year living in Paris. Her baby It’s Cold Outside Chili Seasoning & Rub is inspired by attending college in the Southwest, and Duck Duck Chicken Poultry Seasoning & Rub is a spice blend she created when she prepared her family Thanksgiving dinner for the first time. Check them out here.

Delight in Indian flavors with the Sweet & Savory Masala Gift Box from PUR Spices

Hearty, globally inspired blends create exceptional experiences, sure to add a little flair to your holiday table. The minority, woman-owned company makes everything in small batches in an allergen-free facility, free of additives, fillers and major allergens, a fantastic way in which this brand stands out from traditional offerings. Try their Sweet & Savory Masala Gift Box which includes a 1.8 oz. bottle of Milk Masala, Chai Masala, Mirch Masala, Green Chutney, Achaar Masala and a reusable wooden spoon in a beautiful box ready for gifting.


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