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SANTA BARBARA, Calif.-People who travel by plane, train or car will notice price differences this year.

The Associated Press said the cost of flights increased due to fewer flights.

Although the number of passengers is close to what it was before the COVID pandemic, there are not as many flights to choose from.

Many passengers have already expressed concern that small seats squeeze people on planes.

The trains have some holiday packages and offers for people who book in advance.

Amtrak is also having a flash sale to encourage people to make their travel plans ahead of Black Friday, the popular shopping day after Thanksgiving.

Rental car rates are not as expensive as at least one year, but they can depend on the popularity of the city travelers are going to visit.

Filling up your car tank isn’t going to hurt as much this month compared to last, but it still costs more than last year.

Triple-A said the price dropped 3 cents this month to $3.77 a gallon.

At least a dozen states have gas stations that sell gas for less than three dollars a gallon.

But overall gas prices are still up 36 cents over last year.

AAA has new information coming out tomorrow.

Your NewsChannel will have more holiday travel news on the news tonight.


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