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TAMPA, Fla. – Life has never been easy for Gerene Keesler. She always knew something was wrong.

“I had seizures as a child,” said Keelser, an independent education consultant. “I was born with epilepsy and four brain injuries.”

But she didn’t know about it until she was in college.

“I had eight grand mal seizures, convulsions. Now they’re called tonic-clonic, back-to-back and straight,” Keesler said.

It was then that she was diagnosed with epilepsy.

“That’s what really got me into this search for information,” she said. “I did neuropsychology first and I really learned information about why math was so hard for me, why things that required hand-eye coordination, gross and fine motor skills were so difficult. Being on the autism spectrum as well, it really gave me a lot of insight into why things were so difficult for me.”

Learning at school was increasingly difficult for Keesler. She knew what it felt like to be different. So she turned her challenges into a greater cause and created Admissions Untangled.

“My slogan is: ‘Don’t let the study process tie you up in knots.’ I am currently enrolling younger students,” she said. “And if there’s anyone out there who’s savvy with social media — it’s a much bigger challenge than I anticipated — who would be interested in an internship, I’d be happy to provide the faculty with a consult instead of an internship.”

Now she’s dedicated to helping students who learn a little differently find the university that’s perfect.

“There are so many more resources available now for a student like me, who learns differently and has different challenges than there were a few decades ago,” Keesler said.

That way, every child can be where they don’t have to be afraid of being alone.

“Find those two or three people or mentors, whether it’s teachers or friends, where you feel okay being you. That you don’t have to hide, that you don’t feel like you have to put on a mask,” Keesler said.


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