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Later, Lou tries to win a safe bet on a football match, the result of which he remembers in detail, but lose. How? Because of that same damn squirrel, who was apparently so agitated by the vomiting incident that he interrupted an NFL game like an ordinary Philly sports fan.

That said, recent experiments in the field of quantum physics have found that the Butterfly Effect, in regards to the flow of time, it may not actually be a thing. But regardless, from a narrative point of view, the movies often present situations where time travelers are able to alter the future through their actions in the past, but the scope of these changes is surprisingly smaller. As in Back to the Future Part III, Marty and the doctor disrupt an entire train route in the Old West, and apparently has little consequence for the future. Not to mention as the protagonists of both the old and the new Quantum Leap they spend long periods of time in the past and only end up changing the things they intend. For all its other faults (and there are many), at least Hot tub time machine skillfully illustrates the futility of trying to predict the future of a timeline that is in the process of being disrupted.

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