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Cross-country travel in the NFL has gone from being a disadvantage many years ago to now being a more structured three-day jaunt.

Not only has travel become easier for teams, but the mental and physical burden of traveling has lessened over time.

Perhaps the biggest travel advantage for bettors comes early in the season.

“First class” travel.

Let’s start with home field advantage. Through the first eight games of the season, here are the home teams against the distribution records from 2019.

ATS Home Teams: Up to the first 8 games since 2019

  • 2022: 56-64-1 ATS
  • 2021: 52-72-1 ATS
  • 2020: 58-68 ATS
  • 2019: 50-72-2 ATS

Combined, early season home teams are a staggering 216-276-4 ATS in that span, a -14.9% ROI for bettors.

If you take a look at the home team’s average margin over the past four years, it has also dropped dramatically.

Average Home Point Spread: Last Four Seasons

  • 2022: -1.5
  • 2021: -1.8
  • 2020: -2
  • 2019: -2.5

To put it simply, the NFL’s on-field advantage hangs in the balance.

Let’s look at the home favorites as a whole in the NFL. Only four times in the last 20 years have home favorites been profitable for bettors for an entire season: 2017, 2013, 2007 and 2005.

In the last nine years, we have only seen one year show a benefit for the favorites of the house.

NFL favorites by season since 2014:

Fast Travel East…

Let’s look at two profitable trends for this travel concept.

Mountain and Pacific Time Zone teams to play in the Eastern Time Zone after playing their previous game at home.

These teams are 80-58-2 (58%) ATS over last decade, including 4-0 ATS this season.

For this week, it would be the Chargers at Falcons and the Rams at Buccaneers.

Mountain and Pacific Time Zone teams playing in the Eastern Time Zone.

These teams are 57-31-1 ATS (64.8%) since 2019.

For this week, it would be the Chargers at the Falcons, the Rams at the Buccaneers and the Raiders at the Jaguars.

Avoiding the nightcap…

While the league-wide travel disadvantage has largely been neutralized, that doesn’t mean there aren’t certain places bettors can take advantage of.

If you’ve visited Harry Reid International Airport, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of the “Vegas flu.”

The disease you come down with while in Vegas because you’re partying too hard. It is rumored to affect visiting teams visiting Vegas.

The “flu” has impacted the NHL. Since the Golden Knights burst onto the scene in 2017, road teams have struggled with a little more time to enjoy the lifestyle.

Vegas is 111-61 (64.%) at home when their opponent has at least one day between their games (6th most profitable home city in the league).

Since the Raiders moved to Las Vegas, it’s been more of the same:

The Vegas effect 🎰

+ The Texans lost to the Titans today after playing in Vegas last week.

+ Teams after facing the Raiders in Las Vegas are now 6-16 ATS in their next game, losing their last 7 straight ATS.

— Evan Abrams (@EvanHAbrams) October 30, 2022

If we take a macro view and look at a collection of cities like Las Vegas, the advantage or disadvantage becomes even more interesting.

Let’s start with this list: Atlanta, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, New Orleans and New York.

Like NFL teams do after playing in a “party town”?

After playing on the road in the cities listed above, the teams are 73-100-4 ATS since 2019 in their next game, including 29-47-1 ATS over the last two seasons.

When that road team coming off a game in a party town, plays on the road again, the results are even more stunning.

Unfortunately for this week, that puts us against the Las Vegas Raiders and the Carolina Panthers.

  • The Raiders are coming off a loss in New Orleans and are back on the road in Jacksonville.
  • The Panthers are coming off a loss in Atlanta and are on the road again in Cincinnati.

Teams playing back-to-back road games, where the previous game was in a “party town,” are 36-62-4 (36.7%) against the spread since 2015, including 2-5 SU and 2-4- 1 ATS this season. .

No single bet should be made for or against one team because of travel, but picking your spots week-to-week when it comes to road trips clearly has its advantages in the NFL.


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