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In Berlin, I booked an Airbnb outside the city, and in Vienna, I booked an Airbnb in the heart of the city. I found the latter made it easier to explore solo.

Airbnbs and neighborhoods in Germany and Austria

Author’s Airbnb and neighborhood in Germany (L) and Austria (R).

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In solo travel, I think it’s really important to be intentional about where you stay. For my European adventure, I booked a combination of Airbnbs in and out of the city center to give me a chance to see what life is like on the outskirts as well as in the heart of the city.

I found that going in and out of Airbnbs in small villages with my partner later in the trip felt like a little adventure each time, where we could connect with what we had just seen or were on our way to see. But traveling alone, these hikes felt more mundane, like I was wasting time and energy I could be spending exploring.

In Berlin, I booked a small home hotel in Neustrelitz, a small town outside the city. I traveled to and from Berlin by train, which took about an hour and a half each leg of the journey, as well as a 20-minute walk from Neustrelitz station to my Airbnb. Although I was glad to be able to experience Neustrelitz, where I spotted the occasional backpacker among most of the locals, it made my trip more challenging. While Berlin offered a mix of English and German signs, everything in Neustrelitz seemed to be in German, which I don’t speak.

Inside my Airbnb, all directions and guides were also in German, so I had to use a translation app to figure out how to use the wifi. I also thought that being away from the city center made my days in Berlin shorter, as I had a long walk home every night.

When I arrived in Vienna, I stayed in an Airstream trailer outside a hotel in the heart of the city. I found this made it much easier to explore Vienna from early morning until late at night, as I could access my Airbnb at any time to rest. Although I didn’t think my trailer would be as silent as Neustrelitz, I left Vienna feeling like I had a better idea of ​​the city than I did in Berlin.

While staying outside the city can be an adventure, I recommend that first-time solo travelers stay downtown to make their trip easier.


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