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move inside God of War: Ragnarök it mainly requires players to travel around the various regions of the Nine Kingdoms or make use of the ship with which they can explore some areas. But, if you want to explore the different realms, you’ll need to learn about the Mystic Gates.

The Mystic Gates, or gateways, are magical stone arches that allow you to move through the branches of the Yggdrasil tree to travel between different realms. You also use these magical gateways to access Brok and Sindri’s house, where players will spend a lot of time visiting and upgrading their gear. This means you’ll need to farm a lot of Hacksilver if you want to get out of here fully upgraded sooner rather than later.

Unfortunately, the way that fast travel works God of War: Ragnarök, you cannot open the map from anywhere and select the gateway to go to. You will first need to unlock those gateways by reaching them in the game world. However, for the realms you haven’t unlocked, this can be difficult.

God of War Ragnarok
Players can use the Mystic Gateways found in the Nine Realms in God of War: Ragnarok to instantly travel between locations.

Fortunately, you can unlock most of the realms simply by playing through the main story. However, it’s worth mentioning that not all kingdoms play a significant role in the game’s story campaign. Some are only available for completing Favors and other side activities.

To fast travel using Mystic Gates, you’ll need to head to one of the gateways and then open the map. From here, you can teleport to specific markers that have been unlocked on the map. You’ll unlock a lot of these as you explore the game, so make sure you know how to parry so you can get through as many combat encounters as possible.

You can fast travel to any gateway that is within a given realm within that realm. However, traveling to gateways from one realm to another will require you to travel through the branches of the Yggdrasil tree.

Fast travel will also come in handy for those trying to collect all the various items and collectibles found God of War: Ragnarok. There are a number of treasure maps as well as special pieces of gear that you can discover as you explore the realms and break crates, open chests and defeat special enemies. You’ll also unlock tons of in-game lore in the process, providing more details and insight into Atreus and Kratos’ journey.


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