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Our favorite hedgehog is back in town! Sonic Frontiers it’s here! Although the reviews are not as good as God of War Ragnarok, which opens tomorrow, that didn’t stop people from having fun. In this new vision of the whole Sonic formula, we have our blue hedgehog running around a big open world. However, if you feel that Sonic it’s still a little slow, there’s that Sonic Frontiers fast travel unlock. As with all other open-world games, it’s important to give players the opportunity to travel even faster to other locations. And, while you can enjoy running Sonic, we agree that the world tends to get a little repetitive. So don’t worry because here we will tell you how to unlock fast travel in the game.

Unlocking Sonic Frontiers Fast Travel

Right now, there are two ways to unlock the fast travel mechanic Sonic Frontiers. It’s a bit different from other titles we’ve seen before. While in games like The Assassin’s Creed, you just have to go up to a big building, and that’s it; get a new fast travel point. well, Sonic Frontiers’ fast travel takes a little longer. So to start with Sonic Frontiers fast travel unlock first you have to do is complete the map challenges and find the old switches. Doing so will allow you to travel to the specific location where you completed the challenges and changes.

Sonic Frontiers fast travel feature

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For the second piece, it can also be ground, but it is a little more relaxing. The second Sonic Frontiers The method of unlocking fast travel involves fishing. Once you collect purple coins, you must take them Big the Cat. He will then introduce you to fishing. While doing this activity, you may encounter one Coco Parchment. That roll will allow you to travel Old Coco or Hermit. As you can see, this step can take more time, but it’s still a good way to work Sonic Frontiers‘quick trips. And there you have it! One of the many mechanics and features the game offers. Players are happy with the formula so far, but we’ll have to wait and see what else the game has to offer to find out. If you haven’t, be sure to check out the game’s prologue, which tells the story of Sonic Frontiers.


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