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SALT LAKE CITY — It was a long year for air travel. Flight delays and cancellations have doubled this year compared to last year and there are still two months to go. People buy travel insurance to cover holidays, but does it cover those delays and cancellations?

You are at the airport. You look at the monitor and no! The dreaded “D word” – DELAY. Or worse, the “C word” – CANCELED.

Bad weather, shortages of airline and traffic control staff and a lot more people travelling: the reasons for this year’s increase in delays and cancellations are numerous and painful.

By law, if the airline delays or cancels your flights they must compensate you but only for the flight, and that is not your only expense. you need to eat Maybe a place to sleep. You may need a car or a taxi. Because of all those things and more, you’re likely to be on your own unless you have travel insurance.

“This will reimburse you if you have to buy additional meals or a hotel night,” said Meghan Walch of

Walch said travel insurance can reimburse those other expenses, but read the fine print. Insurance companies avoid paying out all the time by saying the policy didn’t cover what you thought it covered. Travel insurance only reimburses if the reason given by the airline for canceling the flight is listed in the policy.

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One loophole that Walch says is attracting many travelers right now is understaffing. This is usually not covered by insurance.

If the airline can’t get you on one of its own flights within 24 hours, trip cancellation insurance can help cover your flight on another airline. But if you really want to cover yourself financially, consider Cancel for any reason insurance. That covers not only if the airline cancels you for any reason, but also if you decide to do so, for example, during a global pandemic.

“There’s an increase in COVID where you go and you know you’re afraid to travel there,” Walch explained.

But it only works if you cancel two days before your trip. And once you’re in the air, Cancel for Any Reason coverage doesn’t work.

With so many exceptions, is travel insurance worth it? Walch says it costs between 4% and 10% of a trip, so for a $3,000 trip, you could expect to pay up to $300.


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