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After two years of confusing and ambiguous restrictions and measures due to Covid-19, travelers want simplicity and convenience when traveling, according to research published this week by the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

According to IATA Global Passenger Survey (GPS) 2022 based on more than 10,000 responses from participants in 222 countries, simplification and convenience are a major concern for post-Covid travel as well Fast check-in, passport, visa and baggage processing.

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As an indication, 75 percent of respondents said proximity to the airport was a priority when choosing where to fly. Ticket price he came in second for this 39 percent.

The majority in 82 percent they said they were happy to be able to pay with theirs preferred payment method.

O environment it was also a concern for 19 percent of passengers

Source: IATA.

According to the results of the IATA report, most travelers are willing to share their immigration information for more comfortable processing with 83 percent saying that they would do it to speed up the process of arriving at the airport. As an indication, 37 percent said they were discouraged from traveling to a particular destination because of immigration requirements while 65 percent said complexity of the process was the main impediment. In regards to visa procedures, 66 percent said they wanted to get a visa online before they travel.

Source: IATA.

“Travel during Covid-19 was complex, cumbersome and took a long time due to travel requirements imposed by the government. After the pandemic, passengers want to improve comfort during their journey. Digitization and the use of biometrics to speed up travel is the key”, he said Nick CareenSenior Vice President of Operations, Safety and Security at IATA.

Passengers surveyed said they were willing to complete the processing elements outside the airport 44 percent identifying invoicing as your top choice for off-airport processing and 93 percent interested in a special program for trusted travelers to accelerate security control.

Source: IATA.

Among the respondents, 75 percent said they want to use biometric data instead of passports and boarding passes.

“Passengers see clearly technology as a key to improving the comfort of airport processes. They want to arrive at the airport ready to fly, get through the airport at both ends of their journey faster using biometrics and know where their luggage is at all times,” he said. careen.

“The technology exists to support this ideal experience. But we need cooperation across the value chain and with governments to make it possible. And we need to continually assure passengers that the data needed to support that experience will be held securely.”

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