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Welcome to the Southeast. We can’t wait to see what you do!


Required application documents include:

  • Transcripts (see Academic Credential Standard)

    • Transcripts submitted in PDF format are considered unofficial. Once an applicant is accepted, official copies of transcripts must be submitted before the student can enroll in courses.
    • Academic credential standards for official transcripts are detailed in our policies and guidelines.

  • Financial statement and evidence of finances (see Financial Evidence Standard)
  • Copy of passport

    • Attach valid copies of passports for all dependent family members listed on your application.
    • The passport must be valid for at least six months after the intended start date of the program.

  • Additional documents as required by your graduate department (more information)

    • Note – You were not required to submit GRE/GMAT test scores if you were seeking conditional admission, but you must submit any other additional documents if required by the department.
    • If the program requires a GRE/GMAT test score, an acceptable score will be required to complete admission to the degree program.

  • If you are studying in the US, submit a SEVIS visa status check form. This form is a confirmation of your visa status and is not a request to transfer your SEVIS record to us. Please note that
    Jugozhod does NOT accept a SEVIS record in the suspended or completed status.


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