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New Delhi: India leads Asia-Pacific in intention to travel in the second half of 2022 and 50 percent of Indians express a desire to spend more money on booking a vacation, reveals the world’s largest survey of travel intentions by Travel Lifestyle Network. TLN) in a post-pandemic context.

While international travel remains a point of contention among many, with only 15 percent of respondents willing to travel abroad, 29 percent of people are planning vacations in India. India has emerged as the global leader in domestic travel with 24 percent of people taking at least one vacation per month, for which the global average stands at 11 percent. The country is also far ahead of its global counterparts in business travel, with nearly 18 percent of Indians traveling for work within the country once a month.

In terms of leisure travel, more than 36 percent of Indians are more likely to take road trips in 2022, followed by long weekends that influence 34 percent of Indians to bite the bullet. In terms of factors that influence travel behavior, India is on par with the global average, with at least 26 percent of Indians indicating that their choice of destination would be based on value for money, while 22 percent cento attributed it to a relaxing experience.

“Interestingly, after two very turbulent and passive years, the global travel dynamic looks completely different than before. As the survey indicates, there is an immense appetite for travel among Indians who wish to explore places and destinations for unconventional reasons unlike With wellness and self-care gaining importance in a hybrid lifestyle, millennials are re-embracing travel more enthusiastically, followed by baby boomers and Gen X. It’s very encouraging to see this increase in travel sentiment after a lull prolonged for faster sector recovery.” said Archana Jain, Managing Director, PR Pundit, a member company of the Travel Lifestyle Network.

Against the backdrop of the evolving cost of living crisis, with inflation rates rising in many countries, the travel industry has to address consumer concerns related to the price of travel. Affordability is likely to have a significant impact on travel-related purchases in the second half of 2022 and into 2023, with more than a quarter (26 percent) of global respondents rating value for money as the key factor has more impact on decisions. about where to travel on vacation.

Virginie Le Norgant, Chair of Travel Lifestyle Network said: “Our report clearly shows how the rising cost of living is influencing every travel decision made today. This global survey highlights how a growing number of consumers are looking for a value for money when booking your leisure. Price, not necessarily quality, is going to be a key differentiator in attracting consumer spending in the remainder of 2022 and early 2023.”

Overall, the survey found that passion for travel abounds with a strong desire to take advantage of travel experiences in the post-Covid climate.


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