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A launch date for the BE 09 is yet to be confirmed, though it was one of the concept models showcased at the launch event. While details for the machine are limited, Mahindra claims it will be a “head-turning SUV grand tourer with a stripped-down design.”

“We have offered electric three-wheelers in India since 2017, but with our four-wheeler EVs we plan to go big: not just in India, but globally,” said Anand Mahindra, chairman of the company. That these vehicles are the foundation of our global ambitions.

While the machines will be launched in the Indian market first, they are envisioned as ‘global cars’. They were mainly designed at the new MADE facility so that British and European talent could join them. The firm is understood to be considering global expansion plans, including the UK market, and will review its plans based on the response to the new models and the sales potential for each market.

Mahindra Anglo Architecture: Details

The Anglo architecture is a flexible platform that will be used for all future Mahindra EVs. It is designed to allow for a wide variety of battery sizes, and can accept single and twin motor powertrains. The platform uses a common battery pack design that allows for options ranging from 60-80kWh, capable of charging at speeds up to 175kW.

The battery packs will be supplied by Volkswagen Group Components under a partnership between the two firms. The battery packs will effectively be the same as those used for future versions of models built on the VW Group’s MEB platform, such as the Volkswagen ID 4.

The Anglo architecture can also accommodate a range of different power outputs, with rear-drive single-motor versions producing 170-210kW, and twin-motor, all-wheel-drive versions producing 250-290kW. Mahindra is claiming a 0-62mph time of around five seconds.

With an 80kWh battery pack, Mahindra claims its models will offer an official WLTP-certified range of 270-280 miles.

The Inglo platform will also feature the highest level of technology on-board, with Mahindra promising 5G compatibility with over-the-air software updates, and the ability for a Level 2+ advanced driver assistance system. It will feature range-topping design elements including “superior aerodynamics”, zero-drag wheel bearings, high-efficiency cooling and “best-in-class low-voltage power consumption”.

Mahindra has also focused heavily on the development of interior infotainment technology. Some models will feature digital display screens consisting of three 12.3-inch HD touchscreens side-by-side, although other models will use just two.

Volkswagen partnership

Mahindra and VW Group Components have signed a partnership agreement to supply MEB batteries, and are also exploring other areas in which they can work together. This may include supplying other key components for Anglo-platform machines, although Mahindra is keen to localize the supply chain as much as possible.

The two firms are discussing how they can work together to help invest in and develop electric vehicle charging infrastructure in India, and have also indicated that they want to secure EV battery manufacturing in the country. can investigate the feasibility of making

Made in Great Britain

The new Mahindra Advanced Design Europe arm has been operating in the UK for the past year, although it was operating out of temporary facilities in Coventry while the new seat was manufactured in Banbury. The site, which was officially opened today (August 15), is next door to the firm’s Formula E factory.

With around 35 designers currently working at MADE, chairman Anand Mahindra said the UK was chosen because “the talent here is the best in the global automotive industry”.

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