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With support from India’s legendary bands like Indus Creed, Zero and Parkarma, the festival, along with Seagram’s 100 pipers, will raise awareness for important social and environmental causes.

Mahindra Independence Rock 2022, India’s most famous and popular rock festival is collaborating with Seagram’s 100 Pipers social and environmental platform ‘PLAY FOR A CAUSE’ to offer an unforgettable experience.

Over the years, Seagram’s 100 Pipers have been at the forefront of supporting causes that have a positive impact on society. The brand has leveraged its ‘Play for a Cause’ platform to bring to life its belief of ‘Be Remembered for Good’ – empowering people to go beyond materialistic markers of success to make a positive impact on the world. encourages. Sharing the vision of 100 Pipers to create awareness for important social and environmental causes, the festival extends its wider reach to strengthen the initiative with the help of legendary bands from India like Zero, Parakarma and Indus Creed. is extended.

As part of this initiative, each of these bands will support an important cause that truly resonates with them. The bands will be raising awareness for these causes through digital campaigns as well as the festival. The initiative will also empower consumers to actively participate in these causes by doing their bit to make a positive impact on the world.

Bands and the reasons they champion:

  1. Go Green X Parikrama

Inspiring everyone to work for a greener future

This complements Seagram’s mission of 100 Pipers with 1 MN supporting its commitment to tree planting and environmental regeneration. As part of this ‘Play for a Cause’ initiative to empower festival-goers to do their bit, each participant will be given a guitar pick in a badge paper envelope as a memento. This souvenir gift will not only give all attendees a piece to take back and remember their experience, but also encourage them to plant seed paper around their homes and neighborhoods to make a better life for everyone. , green and green world can be created.

Parikrama: “With this Play for a Cause initiative, we want to bring home the idea that we need to live more in harmony with nature. It’s about protecting the future of the human race and recognizing that I believe that we are part of nature, not separate from it.

  1. Zero Waste X Zero

Encouraging waste prevention through responsible recovery and reuse

To embrace this goal, the festival has tied up with Scrip, an environmental sustainability firm, to lead the event in adopting sustainable practices and implementing zero-waste services. With an awareness campaign under the 100 Pipers Play for a Cause initiative, the effort is to make the festival a zero-waste experience.

Zero – “By supporting this Play for a Cause initiative, we hope to help people understand the principle of zero waste – reuse, upcycle, reuse.”

  1. Save the Ocean x Indus Creed

To encourage conservation of our oceans

To champion this ‘Play for a Cause’ initiative, the festival will use sustainable products for bar serving such as rice husk glasses instead of plastic glasses as well as steel straws to reduce single-use plastic. can limit the use of which eventually expires. The ocean is a major polluter.

IndusCred – “With this ‘Play for a Cause’ initiative we hope to inspire everyone to think about how important the world’s oceans are to our survival and to do everything we can to protect and save them.” Will try.”

Apart from on-ground activities, Mahindra Independence Rock & 100 Pipers has also released digital films that highlight these Play for a Cause initiatives and the bands (Indus Creed, Prikrama and Zero) that are supporting them. Log on to Mahindra Independence Rock’s social media channels to see these inspiring messages.


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