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This is an excerpt from “The Devil’s Triangle: Mark Judge vs. The New American Stasi,” by Mark Judge, out today from Post Hill Press.

“‘The Devil’s Triangle’?”

“The drinking game.”

“How does he play?”

“Three glasses… ever play quarters?


“…It’s a quarter game.”

In this exchange will see the whole dynamic of the train wreck that is the one [Supreme Court nominee Brett] Kavanaugh heard. Rhode Island Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse was sure he was over Brett. Because Whitehouse believed the anti-research provided to the Democrats by Michael Avenatti, he believed that Brett and I were involved in gang activity and performing for girls. When Brett tried to explain the meaning of our lie, it was clear that Whitehouse didn’t believe him.

For me, I don’t know what “Satan’s triangle” means. I had never heard the word before. It turned out to be a drinking game that some of my Prep brothers created during the trip. However, according to the language of the city, the phrase can refer to the three sexes including both men and women. The oppo hit men as a reference to politicians and the media that we have participated in the use of drugs, that we have created a private policy as if we were members of a secret society.

In fact, at least as I’m using the term, the Satanic Triangle refers to an evil cabal of various kinds: a coalition of dissident scientists, liberal politicians, and published.

In “Spooked: The Trump Dossier, Black Bodies, and the Security of Investigators,” journalist Barry Meier digs deep into this diabolical vortex. “Spooked” is loaded with complex details, but the point comes down to this: With the rise of political espionage and against scientists and the death of trusted guards like honest journalists and editors, there is no protection in the media anymore. Anyone can make a ridiculous and improbable claim about anyone and, without evidence, the story can make the news.

Journalists use the information they get from spies and oppo researchers to publish untrue stories. Without fact-checking or other analysis, the stories are put directly into the bloodstream and published to the public. Journalists and political operatives also help shape the stories they report as they are observers. They cooperate in creating stories that they publish as news.

A recent highlight of this scandal is the Steele dossier, a piece of garbage produced by the Clinton-funded oppo-research firm Fusion GPS. Evidence has now confirmed that former president Donald Trump colluded with the Russians during the 2016 presidential election to steal the election. He also said that he cavorted with Russian hooks in a Moscow hotel. The media went all out, fooling themselves over “Russiagate” for four years.

Meier puts it this way: “Investigative journalists always rely on court documents, party documents and other tangible evidence. But the documents led them to a very different path, one into the shadowy realm of intelligence, an area where information does not exist and where most journalists cannot be sure what their source is talking about nothing.”

Former FBI director James Comey’s role in getting the Steele dossier into the media reveals how things work in Washington. Since being commissioned by Fusion GPS in 2016, shady and unverifiable information has been peddled to various security and media outlets for months. But no one will touch it. Comey – an experienced D.C. bureaucrat – knew exactly what to do.

A 2019 report by the Inspector General will later blast Comey for creating a “control” memo on his briefing with Trump, in which he informed the president about the existence of files, and then give the notes to a friend with instructions to leak them. into the media. The result prompted an independent prosecutor’s investigation into Trump’s relationship with Vladimir Putin.

From USA Today: “Today’s document shows how Comey brazenly violated federal and FBI regulations regarding his reporting. Top FBI officials told the IG that they ‘surprised,’ ‘stunned,’ and ‘surprised’ that Comey would leak the contents of one of the memos to a reporter.

The same Stasi-style playbook was used to support Blasey Ford’s lie against Brett. The same collection of spies, oppo researchers, and media people who tried to destroy Trump are now using the same tricks on Brett – and me.

On September 12, independent Intercept reporter Ryan Grim wrote that Dianne Feinstein is arguing with Senate colleagues about whether to release a letter Ford wrote to her explaining the allegations. . In his book “We Got the People,” Grim explains that the journalists themselves helped create what they reported. “Too often journalists are mosquitoes who carry rumors from office to office in an attempt to confirm it,” he wrote. On September 7, five days before Grim’s story ran, “several Democrats on the Judiciary learned about this.” One of the Democrats is Kamala Harris.

As previously noted, Grim also explained that Ford was not a reluctant witness. The argument that Ford did not want to testify “ignores that Blasey Ford has already taken repeated steps to come forward, has already told friends that he plans to do so, has already come to two meetings, and calls to the media, and just asked for confidentiality until he and Feinstein spoke.”

Ford, his oppo scientists, and the mosquitoes in the media have done their job. Grim admits as much: “Whether the allegations in this letter are true or false – or indeed, what the allegations are – is its own story, and I don’t have it. But the fact that Feinstein is fighting with fellow Democrats on the campaign trail is a separate story. And that I have. “Yes. Because the Feinstein “controversy” story was created by the press itself.

This is how the Stasi media works.

Mark Judge is an award-winning journalist whose work has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, American Greatness, New Criterion, Stream, Washington Post, New York Times, National Review, Law & Liberty, Modern Age, and Splice Today. A co-founder of Unknown Hoya, Mr. Judge is the author of several books, including “God and Man at Georgetown Prep,” “Damn Senators,” and “A Fear of Bliss.” He spends his free time skateboarding in America.


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