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Financial hurdles can’t stop you from achieving your dreams if you have strong will and determination and a hawker’s son from West Bengal has proved that.

Chhoton Karmakar (18) from Pabra in the neighboring state’s Bankura district overcame all odds to get admission in the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur.

Chhoton dreamed of becoming an engineer when he was in XI. class, but the path to realizing his dream was not so easy.

Choton’s father, Kanai Karmakar, sells cheap jewellery, ribbons, hair ties and cosmetics on his rickety bicycle.

As Chhoton’s family was unable to fund his preparations to crack JEE Main and JEE Advanced, a local coaching institute in Bankura, his teachers and friends came forward and extended a helping hand.

Finally, Chhoton secured admission to IIT Kharagpur last week to fulfill his dream of becoming an engineer. Chhoton will do BTech in Industrial and Systems Engineering.

“We are happy to welcome the boy. His struggle and perseverance will inspire many. At a time when IIT aspirants go to expensive educational institutions, this young lad has proved that merit and perseverance are the last words,” Amit Patra, Deputy Director, IIT Kharagpur, told the Telegraph.

“There is a merit and means scholarship for our students. The alumni association also helps. I assure you that finances will not hinder a student from completing their degree. I will ask him to focus on his studies,” added Patra.

Chhoton will be felicitated by the Bankura district administration next week. Bankura District Magistrate (DM) K Radhika Aiyar told the Telegraph that the administration will “stand by him if he needs any support”.


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